Vishwa Sewa Divas – Sant Shri Asharam ji Bapu’s Incarnation Day

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Sant Shri Asharam Bapuji inspires devotees to celebrate Vishwa Seva Diwas by serving mankind, as God is in everyone. ‘Selfless Social Service is service towards God’ 

“Make your life a celebration. (Utsav) ‘Ut’ means supreme and ‘sav’ means yajna (sacrificial act). Feeding a hungry man, giving water to the thirsty, showing the way to one who has lost his way, providing courage to te dejected, showing the path of satsang to people in bad company- all these are Karm-Yajnas (The Yoga of selfless action). If you feed a hungry person, he will ofcourse be benefited by way of his hunger getting satiated; but at the same time you will be all the more benefited by way of mental satisfaction and spiritual elevation -His Holiness Bapuji
On top of this, Pujyashree tells his disciples “You should not entertain the feeling that you are doing any favours by giving something to the other person. On the contrary, he is doing us a favour by providing us an opportunity to be of service to him. This should be the feeling in our heart. In reality, it is the same Lord who is accepting the gift and it is verily the same Lord who is inspiring the giver.”

Under the guidance of the compassion-incarnate Pujyashree, the Ashram and its vaious samitis have undertaken a variety of service tasks namely: Distribution ofdaily necessities in orphanages, distribution of free food grains to the poor, destitute and the widows, distribution of buttermilk and water gratis in public places, distribution of fruits, milk, medicines and literature in hospitals, anti-addiction campaigns, organization of free medical camps and arrangement of free mobile despensaries, prisoner-upliftment programs in jails etc…

Impressed by these altruistic activities under Bapuji’s auspices, VHP’s International president Shri Ashok Singhal says, “The entire Hindu society shall remain indebted to Param Pujya Bapuji for the great achievement he has made in instilling faith, in the tribal and forest people, in the Hindu culture and the Hindus will never be able to repay the debt. The great personage has set up various service programmes in tribal areas. Those, who could not tolerate this, have tried to malign the saint through the media. Hindu society will not be affected by this propaganda and it is the need of the hour to be alert and spread the tight message.”


Sewa Activity Video Montage


अपने क्षेत्र में होने वाले कार्यक्रमों, प्रभात फेरी, संकीर्तन यात्रा एवं अन्य सेवा कार्यों की फोटोज, विडिओ व रिपोर्ट पर मेल करें |  

चुनिन्दा  फोटोज, विडियो; ऋषि प्रसाद, लोक कल्याण सेतु, ऋषि दर्शन एवं शोशल मीडिया (फेसबुक, व्हाट्सअप आदि) पर  डलवाए जायेंगे |

Shri Yoga Vedanta Sewa Samiti (SYVSS)

More than 1400 S.Y.V.S.S. are functional in various altruistic activities throughout the world. Apart from the samitis located at various Indian states & Union Territories, samitis at Canada, North America, Dubai, Singapore, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Chile, Nairobi, Toronto, England, etc. and many more samities are functional in this series.

By taking initiation (“mantra diksha”) from Bapuji, millions of the disciples got benefitted and improvised their life-style by adopting various things as taught during initiation.

Other than Ashram & SVYSS, there are several activities performed under Bapuji’s instructions by the entities run under His aegis; few of such entities and the activities performed by them are as under:

  1. Anusuya Nari Utthan Mandal And Mahila Utthan Mandals:– to improvise women’s plight
  2. Bal Sanskara Kendra (BSK): to morally, spiritually & materially uplift the children.
  3. Yuva Sewa Sanghs (YSS): to morally, spiritually & materially uplift the youth.
  4. Awareness by various discourses: Through discourses, Bapuji has taught the methods to attain moral & spiritual values and Vedanta knowledge by assimilation of all – Bhakti Yoga (devotion), Karma Yoga (selfless service) and Gyan Yoga (knowledge); leading towards attaining the Supreme Bliss in simplest manner.
  5. Literature and monthly magazines: Approximate 350 books in 14 languages are published under his aegis; the publications include Rishi Prasad, Lok Kalyan Setu, Darvesh Darshan etc. More than 7 lakh people are member of Rishi Prasad monthly magazine, which shows the way to both spiritual and worldly progress.
  6. Yuvadhan Suraksha campaigns: More than 1 crore 55 lakh books named ‘Yuvadhan Suraksha’ or ‘Divya Prerna Prakash’ have been distributed amongst the public to protect the youth by such campaigns.
  7. Vidhyarthi Ujjwal Bhavishya Nirman Shivirs: Student upliftment camps are held through which students learn the tactics to improvise memory power, concentration; thus becoming firm in resolve and judicious in serving the nation.
  8. Vanvasi Upliftment Centers: For tribals (adivasis), forest-dwellers (vanvasis) and destitute; food, shelter and the required things are provided.
  9. Useful material distribution by ration cards: The poor, widows and destitute are given ration card by Bapuji’s ashrams through which they get their basic necessities for consumption on regular basis every month.
  10. Gurukul Education: to nurture children with spiritual & ethical values with a blend of advanced education.
  11. Satsang telecast on channels and cable TV: Apart from being telecast on some TV channels, Bapuji’s discourses are available on internet as well.
  12. Natural calamity and disaster management: Ashram has always provided its honorary services during disasters, be it in Latur, or Bhuj’s earth quakes, famine of Gujarat, flood in Odisha/ Gujarat or in case of the tsunami crisis.
  13. Cow-services: Many cow-shelters have been established by Bapuji in many states like M.P., Rajasthan, Haryana, and Maharashtra
  14. De-addiction (Vyasan – Mukti) camps: through these camps, people get benefitted and leave vices of drinking, smoking and eating harmful substances such as guthkha etc.
  15. Sankirtan Yatras and Prabhat Feris: For environmental purity and to get rid of bad resolves ‘Harinaam Sankirtan Yatra’and Prabhat feris are conducted during which good-literature is also distributed.
  16. Medical facility: Ayurvedic, Homeopathic, Naturopathic and acupressure treatments are provided free of cost to the tribals and deprived ones.
  17. Video-satsang sessions: more than 8,000 video-satsang centers are run to creates spiritual awareness and thus teach art to live life successfully.
  18. Prisoners upliftment centers: Prisoners upliftment programs are conducted in many states and various satsang sessions regarding physical, mental, spiritual upliftment are carried out. Through such programs, around 2,40,000 prisoners got benefitted. They were even given note-books to write god’s name, so that they could utilize the time in jails! Ashram has even provided several jail libraries with sets of 73 books, Cds and cassettes related to Bapuji’s discourses.
  19. Environment protection by Havans and Yajnas: When today’s environment is heavily polluted due to smoke, dust etc., this is naturally purified by Maha-Mrityunjay Havans and other Yajnas as performed by Bapuji’s disciples.