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Delivered from Illness and Obtained Promotion

I had suffered a mild heart attack, so I got myself admitted in ICU in a hospital in Agra. I had to take 39 days leave. Because of that I could not complete the annual assignment as per the norms fixed by the High Court. The then District Judge dissatisfied with my performance sent a bad confidential report due to which I was deprived of my promotion from Chief Judicial Magistrate to Additional Sessions Judge. One of my brothers had passed away suffering a heart attack and two of my brothershad undergone by-pass surgery. I was highly perturbed at the aforesaid turn of events. Thereafter I started watching Bapuji’ssatsang on TV every morning. In the year 2000 on the occasion of Guru Poonam I took Mantra-diksha.

Considering my family history, doctors advised me to undergo Angiography. I prayed internally to Guruji to obviate the necessity ofsurgery since I was convinced that I was a heart patient. When the angiography report came out it was found that only one of my arteries was 20 percent blocked which is quite normal for a 45 year old person. Sadgurudev’s grace had averted theoperation. I also got the promotion that had been withheld, in an unexpected way because Gurudev’s ambrosial percepts had filled me with self-confidence so much so that I was able to give a very good performance. I had to obtain two ‘good’ confidential character-reports consecutively and due to Guruji’s grace the selection committee meeting was postponed for a year. By the time, the meeting was finally held, I had managed to obtain the requisite ‘good’ character-reports. Therefore by keeping faith in Guruji, I averted the operation and also obtained the promotion. I will forever be indebted to Guruji for his kindness.

- Shri K.P.Singh Additional District & Sessions Judge Gwalior, M.P.
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