Since past many years, millions of youths after coming in contact of Pujya Bapuji; have wonderfully transformed their lives for better and in fact are still doing that. Achieving our goal becomes easier if we have right company, study of good literature, selfless Karmayoga and a guidance of great people in our life. 
But in today's fast and busy life of modern Science, computers and Technology, it has turned indeed difficult to get such a combination for any youth. Hence, we are here to extend such a combination and opportunity to today's youth through 'Yuva Seva Sangh' and help them lead a healthy, blissful and successful life. 

Well, if you ask what are its benefit for the society? 
It's a well known fact that the progress and development of any nation depends on its youths. If the youth of any country is principled and conscientious with superior thoughts and actions, so is the country's future shaped; whereas if the youth is indulged in the blind imitation of fashion, free sex, atheism in the name of 'modernization', then what shall be the future of that country? Wise persons can well imagine and get its consequences.


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