Why Is Bapuji Targeted ?
He is a Hindu Saint Who Stopped Religious Conversions

Asharamji Bapu is an ardent patriot & Nationalist and is the force to reckon with. His literature apart from guiding the spiritual aspirant to the supreme consciousness, also addresses a wide field from health to peaceful family life to correct lifestyle among others. The children attending the Bal Sanskar Kendras  & of sadhak families are taught from childhood to respect the motherland, to be proud of their rich cultural heritage and Hindu Dharma.

A single person has given over 425 ashrams all over India and abroad for spiritual practice, 1400 Yoga Vedanta Seva Samitis and 17000 Bal Sanskar Kendras where young minds are trained to be better citizen, 50 Gurukuls to train young minds with modern education and equip them with spiritual values.

Goal of 100 million Hindu converts was declared by Reverend Pat Robertson in Dallas Christian Conclave in Oct, 2005

Christian Missionaries have been converting poor Hindus in both rural and urban areas in lakhs every year, by offering them Money, free household facilities & promising healing from diseases. In fact, entire villages have been converted overnight. In 2005, at Ongole village in Andhra Pradesh there were 15,018 people converted to Christianity, overnight!

Bapuji is Indirectly stopping conversions

In recent years, Pujya Bapuji has been running a campaign in Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh to reconvert these Christians back to their original religion i.e. Hinduism, Which has not been tolerated by those foreign Christian missionaries and some foreign NGOs. In a given video link, Dr. Suman Kumar (Previous name Robert Solomon, originally from Jakarta, Indonesia) is confessing that he used to work for those Christian Missionaries who would forcibly convert poor Hindus into Christianity! After studying Indian Culture he resigned that evil job, converted himself into Hinduism and now working for reconverting those Indian-Christians into Hinduism back again!
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Key Reasons :

Social Reforms By Bapuji

Facts About Latest Allegations:
Jurist Dr. Subramanian Swamy Found The Case Bogus
Why chose Delhi to file FIR? – Suspicious delay & political pressure on Delhi police
“No rape charges filed in FIR and medical report received from Delhi does not confirm rape at all”- DCP Ajay Pal Lamba, Jodhpur (officer sacked soon after)
“Neither girl nor Pujya Bapuji was present in ashram at the time of so called incident. Investigation has proven this fact.”- Shri Subramanian Swamy
“I am unwilling to create an issue but My parents are pushing for it. I only speak what I am told to speak." - Complainant’s Confession to Her Friend Over Phone
“I was lured showing bundles of currency and under physical pressure, I was forced to read out pre-planned script to trap Asharamji Bapu”- Bholanand
“All the witnesses listed by Honorable Supreme Court are not only alive but their statements have also been taken in court.”- Shri Subramanian Swamy

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