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Beginning of the KÍrttika holy bath. (Eating in the shade of an Amlak tree in the month of KÍrttika destroys sins, and merits become ten-million-fold.)

 Sharada PurnimÍ (for the observance of the Vrata) [Looking with fixed gaze at the moon in the night for some time from the EkÍdashi (27th October) to Sharada PurnimÍ and threading a needle at night in the moonlight on PurnimÍ improves eyesight.] 

(for the observance of the Vrata)

Sharada PurnimÍ (consumption of the pudding made of rice and milk kept in the moonlight at night pacifies Pitta.)

 PÍpÍnkushÍ EkÍdashi: (a person fasting on this day never suffers from the torments of the world of Yama. This vow gives health, a beautiful wife, sons, wealth, and friends. One who observes this Vrata emancipates 10 generations on his mother’s side, 10 on his father’s side, and 10 on his wife’s side.)

DusserÍ, VijayÍ Dashami: (the whole day is auspicious Muhurta.) Muhurta for victory to make good resolutions, beginning a new task, crossing the border to enter the enemy’s territory to gain victory over him (from 2.18 pm to 3.04 pm); for worshipping the Guru, weapons, Shami tree and vehicles.

VijayÍ Dashami

Durga Ashtami


Saraswati Puja

57th Self-realization Day of Pujya Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu.