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How much an Animal is a Human Being?

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How much an Animal is a Human Being?

Alice Walker has written a story about a horse. The main point of the story is to show emotions of the animal and its real nature. The house has a name that is Blue. The attention is drawn to the eyes of Blue, and there is “the depth of feeling one could see in horses’ eyes”. Every emotion is described as a reaction to certain events. This shows that the author puts animals close to people. Walker emphasizes that there is not a big difference between people and animals. The look that Blue has when he is hurt stresses this idea: it was a look so piercing, so full of grief, a look so human. There is only one time when Blue is described as an animal after he suffers the loss of a beloved. He is said to have “the look of the beast”. The author explains that violence of people has made him look like this.

The important feature of this story is that it shows how people and animals can communicate. There is a set of signals which help to understand the mood and wishes of animals. For example, when Blue stands very still among trees, this means, of course: I want an apple. Animals also represent symbols to people, just like Blue who stands for freedom. Alice Walker takes the place of an observer in relation to animals.

The story “Shooting an Elephant” depicts a situation with a man and an elephant. The relations between people and animals differ from those described in the story “Am I Blue”. There is a conflict in George Orwell’s work. This conflict is based on the attitude of the main character towards the animal and people around him. The conflict arises from the choice the man is obligated to make. He can either kill the animal that has escaped and thought to be mad or leave it till mahout comes. The death or life of the animal is not important for the character.

Readers have two approaches to evaluate this story. The first approach is in the form of presentation. All events are told from the first person who does kill the animal under the pressure of duty and the other people. The animal in the story is no more than meat that, according to the character, costs more alive than dead. Nevertheless, the second approach is in the author’s choice of words that reveal the inner thoughts of the character and evoke the sense of pity towards the elephant: it seemed dreadful to see the great beast lying there, powerless to move and yet powerless to die.

The relations between human beings and animals are simplified in the story: people want mean and entertainment, so the officer has to shoot the animal. There are no descriptions of emotions of the animal or depiction of its life. The crucial thing is the place that the character is put in relation to the elephant and the whole animal world. On the one hand, the officer has never cared to kill an animal. This means that he finds himself to be superior to animals. On the other hand, killing the elephant is considered to be a murder: somehow it always seems worse to kill a large animal. The relationship in the story can be illustrated by the model, according to which people are predators and animals are preys which live on the mercy of people.

Different relations are the theme of the two stories. There are a few common and distinctive features. Among distinguishing marks that indicate equal relation between people and animals in the story written by Walker is that the animal has a name that is not maintained in Orwell’s work. Walker’s animal is also a symbol of freedom, and it points out respect that people have. Some level of communication is also shown in the first story; communication is not described in “Shooting an Elephant”. The main character is an observer in the first story, while the officer from the second story is more a predator who does not value the life of the animal. The paper has analyzed the two assays and illustrated different relationship that take place in the real life between people and animals.

About the author: Thony Wilson is a master in English philology and histoty at California University. Tony is currently working as one of the best writers at the custom essays empire He also studies feminine psychology.

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