English Books

Lesson To The Mind

Man Ko Sikh (Hindi)

ISBN (Paper Back):9789389972665

"Lesson to the Mind " It is only the mind which imagines pleasure-pain, peace-unrest, benefit-loss, heaven-hell, etc., and creates the world accordingly. ‘If one conquers the mind, one has conquered the world.’ The only worthy endeavour is to conquer the mind and it can verily be accomplished ...

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For Excellence In Life

Jivanopayogi Kunjiyan (Hindi)

ISBN (Paper Back):9789390306107

‘For Excellence in Life’ shows various ways to help those seeking spiritual progress along with worldly success, to lead a happy life with rapid progress in sadhana. Application of these formulae and techniques will certainly bring about wonderful positive results.

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The Blessings

Prasad (Hindi)

"Prasad" Your mind is influenced by every action you do in your life. We should watch minutely the effect of any action on our life, whilst doing it. Only if we become watchful in this way will we be able to restrain our mind

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Secrets of Tulsi

Tulsi Rahashiya (Hindi)

"Tulsi Rahasya-"Tulsi (Holy Basil), a boon for the entire world, is an extremely useful herb. It is also the ambrosia for human life! Efforts have been made to publish the book ‘Tulsi Rahasya’ by the inspiration of Param Pujya Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu. 

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Culture at a Glance

Sanskar Darshan (Hindi)

ISBN (Paper Back):9789390306183

"Culture at a Glance" If you want to enhance the dignity and glory of a house, state or country, you should make the children and students healthy, competent, cultured and strong.

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