A 5 Year Old Boy Awarded by The President of India for Driving a Car 11 K.M in Delhi to Save a life.

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Kids were playing in their home in Delhi. The parents were not in home. All of a sudden the youngest kid Himanshu fell down from a terrace. So his cousin brother Tanshu who was 5 years old and had taken Mantra Diksha from bapuji, took the initiative and with the help of other children carried Himanshu to the car and sat in the driving seat himself. He got inspiration from Bapuji saying "Donot worry I am with you, drive the car". So he drove the car to the hospital which was 11 km far and was able to save the life of his brother.

Virendra Mehta-World Record by Memorizing the Oxford Dictionary

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I have memorized all 80,000 words of the ‘Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary’ (6th English edition) along with their page numbers, which is no less than a miracle for the whole world. As a result, my name has been registered in the ‘Limca Book of World record’. Besides, I have also set a world record in a reality show called ‘Shabash India’ shown on Zee TV. My name has been entered in the list of 25 amazing personalities in a survey carried out by the magazine, ‘The Week’.

Mr Ajay Ranjan Mishra, Nokia, Global Product Manager

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 I am currently working as global services product manager in Nokia, which is considered to be number one mobile phone company in the world . All credit for this goes to the mantra diksha and guidance that i happened to receive from my Sadguru-Sant Sri Asaramji Bapu.