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Nothing is wrong with u, but the ideas u have of urself are all together wrong.

 It is not u who desires, fears and suffers, it is the person built on the foundation of ur body by circumstances and influences. You r not that person.

Person is never the subject, u can see a person but u r not the person.

Your being a person is due to the illusion of space and time, u imagine urself to be at a certain point occupying a certain volume. Your personality is due to the self identification with the body.

Person is merely a result of misunderstanding. In reality there is no such thing. Feelings thoughts and action race before the watcher in endless succession, leaving traces in the brain, creating the illusion of continuity.

It is because the "I am" is false that it want to continue, reality is indestructible. To strengthen and stabilize "I am" we do all sorts of things all in vain "I am" is built moment to moment. It is unceasing work, and the only radical solution is to dissolve the separative sense of I am such and such.

The difference between person and witness is as between not knowing and knowing onself.

The person is in unrest and resistence to the very end.

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