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Karya-Karan Sumbandh (Causality)

  1. As long as u believe yourself to be a body, u will ascribe causes to everything. I do not say things have no causes. Each thing has innumerable causes.  
  2. It is as it is, because the world is as it is. 
  3. Every cause in it's ramifications covers the universe. For what ever happens, all the universe is responsible and u r the source of the universe.
  4. Causes are numberless, the idea of a sole cause is an illusion.
  5. There are no causes, but ur ignorance of ur real being, which is perfect and beyond causation.
  6. Why do u talk of action? R u ever acting? Some unknown power acts and u imagine u r acting. You r merely watching what happens, without being able to influence it in any way.
  7. Stop imagining urself being or doing this or that, and the realization that u r source and heart of all will dawn upon u.
  8. Wise men counts nothing as his own. All that happened because it had to happen; everything happens as it does, because the universe is as it is.
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