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I alone am, the One, the Supreme

  1. Not only the multiplicity of selves is false: even the duality I/World, Subject/Object, Spirit / Matter is a transient appearance in my consciousness.
  2. Look closely and u will see the seer and the seen appear only when there is seeing. They are attributes of seeing. 
  3. When u say "I am seeing this", "I am" and "this" only when there is seeing, not before. You cannot have an unseen "this" nor an unseeing "I am".
  4. Knowing is a reflection of ur true nature along with being and loving (chit-sat-anand). The knower and the known are added by the mind. It is the nature of the mind to create a subject-object duality, where there is none.
  5. All thinking is in duality. In identity, no thought survives.
  6. The painter is in the picture. You separate the painter from the picture and look for him. Don't separate and don't put false questions.
  7. In reality there is only perception. The perceiver and perceived are conceptual, the fact of perceiving is actual. The Absolute is the birthplace of perceiving. It makes perception possible.
  8. Even the experiencer is secondary, Primary is the infinite expanse of consciousness, the eternal possibility.
  9. There is no "I" apart from the body, nor the world. The three appear and disappear together. At the root is the sense "I AM". Go beyond it.
  10. What u see is nothing but urself. Call it what u like. It does not change the fact. Through the film of destiny, ur own light depicts pictures on the screen. You r the viewer, the light, the picture and the screen. Even the film of destiny(prarabdha) is self-selected and self-imposed.
  11. In chit man knows God and God knows man.  In chit man shapes the world and world shapes the man. Chit is the link, the bridge between  extremes, the balancing and uniting factor in every experience. The totality of the perceived is what u call matter. The totality of all the perceivers is what u call the universal mind. The identity of the two, manifesting itself as percetability and perceiving; reasserts itself eternally.
  12. You are lonely as a person. In your real being u r the whole.
  13. I have realized once and for good that I am neither object nor subject.
  14. There is only seeing, both the seer and the seen are contained in it.  Don't create differences where there are none.
  15. There is only my-self, consciousness.
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