Aim and Ambition


Land Maintenance (Levelling) –

Levelling of wasteland and land full of sand was done. Black soil was sprinkled over it so that green grass for the cows can be bred on it. Arrangements were done so that cows can get healthy green fodder all year long.

Arrangement of Drinking Water

Several wells and modern bore-well were dug so that pure drinking water can be provided to the cows. Arrangement of over-head tank is done with which 24hrs supply of water is provided. Water is also arranged for breeding grass for the cows, in some places water is conserved by rain-harvesting techniques.

Building Protective Walls

For the protection of Cows and fodder, boundary walls are being built on the lands.

Environment preservation and Plantation - 

In the area enclosing cow-shed, thousands of shadow providing trees like Neem, Pipal, Banyan, Seesam and various fruits boring trees like Amla, Lemon, jambolan, pomegranate etc were planted which have really helped in preservation of environment.

Irrigation Facilities

For more breeding in less water, modern Tube well system is given preference in most of the land.

Lodgment –

Lodge for Cows

For keeping cows and to protect them from rain, cold, heat and keeping in mind health of cows, different types of lodges for cows are built. Hedges with spare fodder and water are also built.

Lodge for Bullocks

Separate arrangements are done for the bullocks where they can live freely and peacefully.

Lodge for Disable-

Separate arrangements are done for disable and injured cows.

Lodge for Bulls –

Calfs are fed to make them strong Bulls. There is independent arrangement for this and after that they are sold to farmers on ‘no profit no loss’ prices.

Lodge for Old –

Arrangements are done for old cows to roam and live peacefully and independently.

Fodder Hall

To provide fodder for thousands of cows all year long. Large halls are built which can store tones of fodder in them.

Food Store –

Cows are given healthy diet including wheat, fruits, Pulses, Soyabean etc everyday. To store all these food items a separate store is built in the cowshed.

Cow Caretaker Lodge –

Lodges have been built for our brothers immersed in the service of Cows. In these lodges food is cooked using electricity developed from Gobar-Gas plants.    

 Scientific –

Panchgavya Research Center - 

Panchgavya medication holds a prestigious place in advance sciences. To bring this lost science in the forefront, Panchgavya Research Center is started in many cow-sheds.

 Gobar-Gas development and Research Center

For developing electricity from Cow Dung, Gobar Gas plants are built in all cowsheds. Research work is also started in these cowsheds.

Electricity Development from Gobar-Gas plant

We are trying to make cowsheds independent by developing electricity from Gobar-Gas plants. This electricity is used in light, motor, flour mill etc.

Cow Village Training Center

Periodically camps are organized in which villagers are given training in cow preservation, cow maintenance, cow products, fertilizers etc.

Panchgavya Medicine Manufacturing Center

Different types of medicines are developed in the cowsheds from mixing Panchgavya essences.