About Us

'गावो ही विश्वस्य मातर’ cow is regarded as the mother of the world. On this basis Bapuji says that we do not take care of cows but it is Cows who take care of us. Bapuji preaches, Cow urine is an amazing medicine, Bath from cow’s urine gives us many benefits, serving cow is same as serving Lord Krishna. Keeping these benefits in mind, Bapuji has established many Cowsheds for the protection of cows.   

In Niwai, a pious and holy land of Lord Shiva, Bapuji inspired his followers to build a large cowshed, at NH12 Bye-pass, during the year 1999-2000. This worked as the foundation stone of Bapuji’s massive Cow service, as many more cowsheds were built all over india after this.

In Niwai, Shri Ram Swarup Gujjar, a disciple of Pujya Bapuji, with the help of local residents rescued some cows which were being sent to slaughter houses. With those cows he started serving cows. He used his whole savings in caring and service of cows but when he realized that he alone cannot handle it then he asked Bapuji for help. With the blessings of Bapuji, number of cows increased from 1000 to 5000 within three months. At the same time God decided to test these cow devotees, area was hit with massive drought then around 1500 cows were taken to the jungles of Shayopur Kalan in Madhya Pradesh. Where cows had plenty of grass and water to feed on.