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There are 30 species of cows in india. Red Sindhi, Sahiwal, Gir, Devni, Tharparkar etc. are main breeds of milk producing cows in india.

From utility point of view indian cows are divided in three categories. in first category, there are the cows who gives plenty of  milk, but their calf are useless in field work. This type of cows are single breed of superior milk production. Second type of cows are those who gives less milk, but their calfs are good in agriculture and carriage works. These are called single breed of "vatspradhan" . Some cows gives plenty of milk as well as their calfs are enormously dynamic in agriculture work. These type of cows are called superior cows. Following are main species of cows in india :-

Saaywal :

Saaywal cows are having predominant blood of afghanistani and gir species. Head of these cows is wide, horns are small and thick and medium forehead. These are found in Montgomery district of Punjab and around Ravi River at places of Laylpur, Lodharan, Ganjiwar etc. They can live anywhere in India. Once these have given birth to calf they can give milk up to  10 months. The quantity of milk is 10-16 liters of milk. The portion of butter in their milk is enough.


The main place of these cows is Kohistan in Sindh. The area of Kelsabela of  Baluchistan is famous for these cows. The skin of these cows is wheatish, long length and thick leather. They can also live in another environment and they have amazing power of fighting with various diseases. After reproduction they can give 2000 ltrs of milk within 300 days.

Kankrej :

The native place of Kankrej cow is south-east corner of the small Gulf of Kutch region, means from Sindh to the south west of Ahmedabad and Radhanpura Pradesh. However, these are also found in  Kathiawad, Baroda and Surat. They are the cows of superior race and their demand is also in abroad. The color of these cows is silver gray, brown or black.  There are Black marks in their  legs are upper portions of their hooves is black. These cows make long and even move while Keeping their head up . While walking, except Legs , the whole body appears to be disabled. Therefore, their moves seems odd. 

Malvi :

These cows are not milk giver. Their colour is grey and neck is black. When they grow older, their colour changes to white. These are found around Gwalior district of Madhya Pradesh.


These are found around Jodhpur district of Rajasthan. These cows are not good milk giver, but after reproduction they can give a little milk for many days.


These are milkgiver cows. Their colour is grey or white. These are mainly found in Kutch, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and southwest desert of Sindh. These cows eat less feed.


These are found in Pilibheet, Puranpur and Kheeri district. They have thin face, straight horns and tall. The length of horns is 12-18 inches. The tail is long. These cows are of short tempered by nature and gives less milk.


These are found at costal areas of Nadi River. Jowar is their favourite food. Grass and bread of Grass is also given to them in their food. These Cows are good milkgiver.

Dajjal :

These are found in Deragajikhan district of Punjab. These cows give less milk.


These cows give milk in general volume. And are found in Satpura valley, Wardha, Chhindwara, Nagpur, sivni and Bahiyar. Their color is white and medium stature. These cow moves with lifting their ears. 


These cows give 8-12 liters of milk per day. The color is white, lavender or light brown. They are tall and stocky and keeps their head up while moving. These are found in Rohtak, Hisar, Sirsa, Karnal, Gurgaon and Jind.

Ongol or Nilor:

These cows are Milch, beautiful and slow mover. These are found in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Guntur, Nilor, Bapatala and is Sadanpalli. They eat less feed.


Rathi -These cows are of Alwar. Eat less and give plenty of milk.

Gir- they gives 5-8 liters milk per day. And are found in Gir forest of Kathiawad

Devni - are found in southern Andhra Pradesh and Hinsol, and gives plenty of milk.

Nimadhi - They are found at Narmada river basin. These are dairy cows.

Amritmahal, Hllikar, Bargur, Balmbadi Breeds are vatspardhan breeds of Mysore, Kangayam and Krishnvalli are milk giving cows.


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Indian Cow
Indian Cow
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There are 30 species of cows in india. Red Sindhi, Sahiwal, Gir, Devni, Tharparkar etc. are main breeds of milk...