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Panchagavya is made from cow’s milk , curd , clarified butter , urine & dung mixed in a definite proportion. .Panchagavya should be made only from indian breed cows , who are free to roam in the forests & pastures.

Ritual significance of Panchagavya

It is used in many ways . None of the auspicious rituals of Hindus are complete without this. Even today in every village & city of India, distribution of panchagavya is considered as a  sacrament after celebration of festivals & rituals. It is also used for sanctification of house & the body. According to “dharmashastra” drinking of panchagavya as repentance for sins is prescribed. Before drinking panchgavya say the following – “ O Suryadev !  O Agnidev !  you are the destroyers of ailments of mind , body ,soul & even bones. I am drinking this ”. Repeat this 3 times . Do not eat or drink anything for 2-3 hours after drinking panchgavya.

The medicinal significance of panchgavya         

It is considered as a medicine in Ayurveda . If all the 5 are mixed in the right proportion and taken as prescribed then it is panacea. Body’s immunity is increased & diseases kept away by drinking panchgavya. All the constituents , both alone & together have great medicinal value that too without any side effects. Apart from that if we are taking any other ayurvedic medicine then panchgavya acts as a catalyst.

Constituents of panchagavya

Each & every constituent is amazing, complete in itself and has important qualities . 

Cow’s Milk

Nothing is as nutritious and balanced as indian breed cow’s milk. It is considered as an elixir .In the concoction it is sweet, cool, balances vatta pitta component , removes blood related ailments & appropriate to drink in all respects.

Cow’s Curd

Curd too is equally filled with qualities. Curd has easy to digest protein & friendly bacteria which helps in increasing appetite. Buttermilk made from curd is also easy to digest & removes vitta problems. Cow's Milk is being used in many forms in Indian culture since time immemorial.

Clarified Butter

Clarified butter made out of cow’s milk is very beneficial for the eyes. Its consumption increases physical efficiency and mental development. Its consumption increases radiance.

Cow’s Urine

According to Maharashi Charaka, Cow urine is bitter, ( kashaila ), pungent and astringent. Its main properties are hot, easily digestible, strengthens brain, cures cough. It removes colic, stomach pain, constipation, itching pain, eczema, and mouth diseases. It helps in ailment of Vitiligo, Lecoderma, leprosy, basti rog . It cures eye diseases.

The chemical analysis of cow urine shows it contains nitrogen, sulphur, ammonia, copper, Iron, uric acid, urea, phosphate, sodium, potassium, manganese, carbolic acid, Calcium, chloride, salt, Vitamin B, A,  D, E, enzyme,  lactose, Hippuric acid, creatinine, Aurum hydroxide.

It prevents oxidative damage to DNA.    

It is a panacea for cough , stomach pain , eye diseases , liver disorders ,urinary tract disorders , respiratory diseases. fits, cancer aids, piles, prostrate, arthritis, migraine, thyroid, ulcer, acidity, constipation, gynecological problems, ear and nose problems and several other diseases. It can be used both internally & externally. It is beneficial for old & incurable diseases. It has urea which is  disinfectant potassium, increase appetite & controls blood pressure. controls sodium level and nerve power . Magnesium and calcium regulates heart rate.

Cow Dung

In Indian Culture, Cow dung has been used since Vedic times to till date for sanctification. It is deodorizer & has qualities of being nutritious, purifier and strength giver. The traits of the vegetation of cows makes the dung pure and disease killer. The dermatological benefits of cow dung are well known. Due to its above mentioned qualities, panchgavya is being used in medical treatment.  


How to make panchgayva. 

Only cows which have “suryketu nadi” are apt for making panchgavya , the Indian breed cows have it . The products obtained from them have all the essential elements important for humans.

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Panchagavya is made from cow’s milk , curd , clarified butter , urine & dung mixed in a definite proportion. .Panchagavya...