Buttermilk Distribution

Buttermilk Distribution

Everyone who comes to gaushallas of ashram for all of them one thing that attracts is buttermilk. From kids to aged , poor to rich people, everyone likes to take it and a glimpse of satisfaction can be seen on their face.

It is said that Buttermilk is the nectar of the earth. It do away all the diseases from body. Buttermilk is million times more good than the soft drinks which are available in market. It has many advantages. Buttermilk can be used in many ways:-

  1. An individual who is suffering with weakness and indigestion if takes buttermilk mixed with roasted cumin, black pepper powder and rock salt . It improves digestion problems. 
  2. several problems of stomach cured with consumption of buttermilk like indigestion, flatuence, gastric disorder, acidity etc.  

    Drinking buttermilk with the morning meal is considered to be more beneficial. However, It should not be consumed in evening. 
  3. To avoid the troubles of Hot winds in  summer season, Buttermilk is proved as a effective drug.  It is also beneficial for the eyes as well. In case of irritation of eyes , application of cream of yogurt on eyelids and consuming buttermilk gives relief. 
  4. Including Buttermilk in food is a good option especially for womens as it compensate the deficiency of calcium in body and provides relief in back pain, joint pain etc.  

Bapu ji often explains importance of buttermilk in satsang. Inspired by Bapu ji, the disciples also do service of distribution of buttermilk even outside of gaushallas, Especially in the summer season.  

Several types of pharmaceutical properties of buttermilk are described by Bapuji. Which are concordant with Ayurveda. The process of making and its advantages are explained below:- 

  • Ghol - Prepared with cream and without water i.e. full cream buttermilk. (calms vata, pitta and increases kapha)
  • Mathit - Prepared without cream and water i.e no fat buttermilk (suppress kapha, pitta and increases pitta)
  • Udashvit - Prepared with equal proportion of yoghurt and water i.e. half water buttermilk (increases kapha, improves strength and reduces fatigue).
  • Takra - Churned with three parts of yoghurt and one part of water. (constipation, bitter-sour, sweet flavor, light to digest, reduces pitta, increases semen, satiated, supress vata, stomach disorders, mitigates kapha, and therefore is equivalent to nector.
  • Chachika - Prepared with little bit yogurt and more quantity of water. This is also similar to takra but less effective.

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Buttermilk Distribution
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Everyone who comes to gaushallas of ashram for all of them one thing that attracts is buttermilk. From kids to aged , poor to rich...