हनुमान जी के जीवन चरित्र से प्रेरणा

हनुमान तेहि परसा कर पुनि कीन्ह प्रनाम ।

राम काजु कीन्हें बिनु मोहि कहाँ बिश्राम ।।


  हनुमानजी ने मैनाक पर्वत को हाथों से छू दिया, फिर प्रणाम करके कहा – भाई ! श्रीरामचन्द्रजी का काम किये बिना मुझे विश्राम कहाँ?

तो जिस प्रकार श्री राम के कार्य को पूर्ण किये बिना हनुमान जी को विश्राम भाता नहीं, उसी तरह हम साधकों का भी यही दृड़ निश्चय होना चाहिए कि गुरुदेव हमें जिस परम लक्ष्य तक पहुँचना चाहते हैं, हम उसे पाए बिना रुके नहीं और कहीं विश्राम के लिए रुके नहीं ! हनुमान जी के जीवन चरित्र से प्रेरणा लेते हुए हमें भी इसी तरह नित-निरंतर आगे बढ़ते रहना चाहिए !




Mountain View Sadguno ki Khaan: Shri Hanumanji



2 mool mantras of Sri Hanuman ji

Bapuji has discussed good qualities of Lord Hanuman many times in his discourses with his disciples
and told them that Lord Hanuman, who possessed Ashtasidhis & Navanidhis, took refuge of Lord Ram
and attained fulfillment. That’s why Lord Ram Himself told about the qualities of Lord Hanuman to Sant Agastya
"always keen to listen to stories of Lord Ram"; "No rest without completing the work of Lord Ram"
These are the mottos of Lord Hanuman. "always keen to listen to stories of Lord Ram"
One who doesn’t have God's discourse, he doesn’t have divine knowledge, divine nectar, divine peace in life
Then what is left in his life? Doesn’t have divine knowledge, doesn’t have divine nectar & doesn’t have divine peace
Then they will have mundane knowledge, mundane happiness, mundane deeds & then... Problems
Due to erotic movies, alcohol, indescribable activities are taking place in the society nowadays. And day of incarnation of Lord Hanuman..
supporter of celibacy, life-long follower of celibacy.. The thoughts of Lord Hanuman, His aim..
What was the aim of Lord Hanuman? Lord Hanuman had Ashtasidhis & Navanidhis and was so powerful
That all the Presidents, Kings, Commanders of the world combined together can not equate to the strength of Lord Hanuman.
when Lord Hanuman took refuge of Lord Ram. Even before meeting Lord Ram, Lord Hanuman had power of Ashatsiddhis
Anima, power to become small in size;|Garima, power to increase size; Laghima etc.. Like this, He had power of Ashtasidhis
and Navnidhis still He went in the refuge of Lord Ram and took unconditional refuge
"always keen to listen to stories of Lord Ram" "No rest without completing the work of Lord Ram"
These two were the mottos of Lord Hanuman. So whoever wants self-realization
"Received Guru's complete blessings & full knowledge and Asumal transformed to Sant Asharam"
If that essence is the goal, then why rest before attaining it? One who is unable to get Guru's divine work,
unable to do it, how will they find & experience the divine experience of Guru?
To experience that divine knowledge of God, Lord Hanuman accepts unconditional refuge in the lotus feet of Lord Ram.
Even before going to Lord Ram, He had such powers like he changed His appearance as a brahmin; He flew to reach Lord Ram,
He was capable of flying with Lord Ram & Laxman on His shoulders.
But for that divine Knowledge, He indulged himself in the service of Lord Ram.
"gyatva devam muchyate sarvapashebhaya" (Shvetashvar Upanishad)
after attaining self-realization a person gets freed from all bondages.
You have such possibilities, such abilities, such greatness that even after having power of Ashtsidhis & Navnidhis like Lord Hanuman,
you should have a thirst to listen and understand divine knowledge. Scriptures say that "snatam ten sarva tirtham"
He took bath in all holy places;|"datam ten sarv danam" He has done all the charity
"kritam ten sarv yagyam" He has performed all the Yagyas..
"yen kshanam manah brahmvichare sthiram kritva"
But if He is able to stabilize his mind for a single moment in divinity,
then it is equivalent to visiting all holy places, doing all the yagyas,doing all holy things.
Felicitations to everyone on the occasion of incarnation day of Lord Hanuman who attained that divine knowledge.
Worship of Lord Hanuman, remembrance of Lord Hanuman blesses us with
memory power,strength, wisdom, fame & patience.
Those who desire courage, health, reinforcement & eloquence should listen to glory of Lord Hanuman
And if they decide to achieve that, then their resolve might come true.
Lord Ram describes the good qualities of Lord Hanuman to Rishi Agastya
Even God praises the qualities, such is the pious life of Lord Hanuman! Lord Ram untiringly praises His courage
and his sincerity of being unbiased. This is the mental wisdom of Lord Hanuman; so, may your wisdom also increase
and your mental courage & physical strength increases, this encouragement is provided by incarnation day of Lord Hanuman
He (Lord Ram) praises strength of Lord Hanuman; He has physical strength, He has mental strength,strength of celibacy.
praises His patience & wisdom in front of Sant Agastya
But, not only wise, Lord Hanuman is very good in aphorisms, He is valiant & has an imposing personality too.
So, in your life also, these good qualities of Lord Hanuman i.e imposing personality, valour, good planning skills, wisdom...
even without any certificates one can become wise by listening to discourses. Lord Hanuman has patience, strength,
sincerity, courage, morality as qualities and we are also from the same lineage.. Dynasty of Lord Ram's devotees,
We should also have same qualities or if we keep an eye on these qualities then we can achieve them.

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