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Protective Sheath

Protective Sheath ( Excerpts from Sant Shri Asaramji Bapu's discourses ) When you are sitting in a discourse, in a pure environment, then you have realisation that there is no true joy in lust. Even by accruing wealth,all we get at the end of the day is tension, nothing else. Those who engage in treacherous practices for the benefit of their children, eventually those children themselves spit back at them. This is an oft commonly observed experience in the society. When you return back to the outside world, then in the presence of vibrations of lust-anger of common man, you too get troubled by lust-anger. On venturing outside, the low vibrations cause our downfall and then we repent. We resolve to become cautious of ourselves, but are once again trumped by those low feelings. Even those with the strongest resolve suffer this same problem. This is a problem not of a few, but pretty much everyone! If we do not exercise caution, you begin praising me and I fill myself with pride, you begin giving and I start stalking things for myself, then even I would have suffered such depravity that I would become ashamed of coming out in front of you all.  Lord Ram ji's Gurudev once said: "He Ramji ! The age old habit of getting carried away in the flood of desires cannot be overcome without long, concerted positive efforts." When even people of Ramji's generation could slip away and had to engage in concerted efforts, then it cannot be any better in today's age of Kaliyuga. Infact, there is an even greater need to be cautious now. So, to become cautious, I have found a special protective sheath which I found very useful. It is very easy. To begin with, you must repeat this exercise daily for a few days. Then, within a few days, just reminding oneself of it will form the protective screen around you. Then, the vibrations of low desires will not longer penetrate you. The eyes see something, the mind wanders off in its crave and then the intellect finally takes decisions accordingly. In this way, every sense is trying to pull the mind towards itself. Mind takes approval from intellect and then you slip away into those cravings. If you do not exercise self restraint from falling for these cravings, then even Lord or Guru can do nothing to help you out. If the student does not co-operate, how can the teacher or principal combined, help the student to score a better rank. So, you will have to take efforts. Lord's grace, grace of Scriptures, Saints and Gurudev are all plentiful abound; similar to Sun's rays and rainfall is adequate. But if the farmer does not take any effort, then what is the use of Sun and the rain?? So, take a firm resolve to protect yourself.

 Procedure to engage the protective sheath and arouse your inner resolve. Sit in Padmasan or Siddhasan. Keep the backbone erect. Ensure your eyes are half closed- half open... Recite AUM or your Guru mantra and make a firm resolve that " My graceful Lord is showering His powerful blessings on me which are piercing through me and forming a Sudarshan chakra around me - a sort of rainbow colored sheath. He is protecting me by His divine grace. The rainbow sheath is becoming dense. All impure darkness is fading away. Pure, Sattivic light is spreading all around. Subtle demonaic thoughts are now driven away by this activated light sheath. I am now completely relaxed and relieved." Hold the breath inside for as long as you can. Repeat the above process in your mind again and again. Generate a mental image. Now, slowly, recite "AUM...." with a long pronunciation while releasing your breath and imagine that "All my sins, desires have been thrown out. My mind-intellect is pure now. " Do not breathe in immediately after releasing it. Stay put as long as you can and repeat "HARI AUM..... HARI AUM......" mentally. For 10-15 minutes, repeat this process with pranayam and long pronunciation of AUM..... and repose in its peace. Give away any forceful efforts. Let your thoughts spread across the sky. The earth is within the sky. This earth has numerous nations, oceans and people. Among these, there is your body sitting here on an asana. Observe this entire picture through your mental eyes and inner feelings. You are no longer a body, but the true observer of numerous bodies, nations, oceans, earth, planets, constellations, sun, moon and the entire cosmos. You are the sole witness. Awaken yourself in the witnessing state. After a while, once again recite "AUM...." along with pranayam and peacefully observe your thoughts. In this state, make a firm resolve "I shall become the way I resolve to be." Desires, hunger for power, wealth, etc must be shunned as under the elephant footprint of power of inner soul, all other miniscule desires are already included. With the dawn of the sun of Divine bliss, why would anyone care for the light from a diminuitive earthen lamp lit by oil? In order to realise your dreams, you must have the power to shake up your heart with a firm and steady resolve. Make that impact in the deepest recess of your inner self by holding your breath inside and repeating your resolve. Hold your chest high and throw away all weak-infirm and pitiable notions inside you. Always remember, your energy gets wasted due to the ever outgoing fickle and distributed thoughts. So, condense back all those thoughts during spiritual practice and resolve it in the thought of Self and in the activities you perform during the day. Perform all activities without flowing away in desires and with a steady mind. Always remain thoughtful and cheerful. Embrace Life as your own self. Love everyone. Expand your heart. Rid yourself forever of divisive thoughts. Through discourses and scriptures given by great saints who have reposed themselves in the Self, one will be able to blossom one's life. To drive away the subtle atoms of vile thoughts, this is a sureshot technique. Just as iron can pierce through iron, so is it true with thoughts too. Have faith in the power of these two companions - Self repose and protective sheath. They will constantly protect and nourish you. RishiPrasad - June 2004. #Health #Tips

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