Three benefits of a single move

Three benefits of a single move

Mr. Dinesh Singh (Police Sub Inspector) hailing from Prayagraj has been availing himself of the pious company of Pujya Bapuji since 1995; he narrates the sweet reminiscences of Pujyashri.

My life changed completely 

I worked in the police force and consumed alcohol. I did not take a meal without meat and fish. I used to beat my wife. I kept such a bad company that I developed many bad habits like smoking cigarettes etc. Soon after receiving mantra initiation from Pujya Bapuji, I got rid of bad company and bad habits effortlessly. Still now Police Force personnel eat meat and drink alcohol near me. They tell me, ‘Have a peg’ but as the Guru’s grace has descended on me, I do not feel the craving for such things. 

Thirst for Bapuji’s darshan did not quench, but increased 

In 1997, Pujyashri’s satsang programme was held in Jabalpur (M.P.). When I had Bapuji’s darshan from a long distance while sitting in the satsang pandal in the evening session; my desire for having his darshan close up became intense. After the satsang was over, I went to the local residence of Guruji and sat amongst the devotees who were sitting outside. As and when Bapuji came out for a stroll upon seeing me He said, “Oh! You have come.”

I replied, “Yes.” I prostrated before Him. Guruji spoke to one of His attendants, “Do not let him go without having food.” I dined and stayed there overnight. When Pujyashri was going to the satsang venue for satsang discourse in the morning, He took me along in his car. I was overwhelmed with joy while sitting with him in the car. My thirst for the pious company of Guruji was not satiated by this but intensified. Bapuji also fulfilled this wish of mine. Thereafter I have been blessed with serving Bapuji as a close attendant.

Brahmajnani takes care of all and makes proper use of everything

Pujyashri’s satsang was held in Itava (U.P.) in the year 2011. Guruji went for a stroll in the evening and I followed Him. A cyclist may have passed that way with a loosely packed sack of onions. The onions fell on the way one by one without being noticed by him. When Pujyashri walked along this path, having noticed the fallen onions, He said, “Take a look, some cyclist passed by carrying onions, these are his onions.” Then Bapuji Himself started picking up the onions. I was wonderstruck, but I noticed that Bapuji does not like wastage of anything. Pujyashri kept on picking up the onions and giving them to me, I kept on putting them in my pocket. Both of my pockets were full of onions then Guruji asked, “Are they useful to you?” I replied, “Yes”. Then I kept the onions in my bag. Then Pujyashri again set out in the car in connection with the satsang session held at Firozabad. I was sitting on the rear seat. On the way Bapuji enquired to me, “You will be hungry.” I said, “No”.
“No, you are hungry.” Then He asked the cook to take out parched and puffed rice, and afterwards He enquired, “Oh, I gave you onions. Where are they?” 

“In the bag and the bag is packed behind in the boot (trunk).” But there was an onion in my pocket. I took it out and started to peel it off, and then He said, “Don’t peel it. You won’t be able to cut it. Give it to me, I’ll do it.” Pujyashri by sprinkling salt and spices on parched and puffed rice made a mixture and added sliced onions. He took only 4-5 grains and gave me the remainder saying, “You take it and eat it.” I ate the Maha Prasada. (Pious eatables sanctified by the touch of a divinity). How kind Self-realized saints are! A mother prepares various delicacies and gives to her children, in the same manner; a SatGuru takes care even in His hectic schedule. 

Then, I took the onions home and 
informed my wife, “this prasada is given by a Self-realized saint, even the soil touched by Him becomes prasada. Hence do not use them up in only one day. We consumed the onions one by one every day.”

Later on one day I consulted an Ayurvedic physician (Vaidya) regarding a serious illness. He advised me to consume onions in small quantities as medication. I was so surprised: ‘Guruji has already given me onions. Guruji very well knows who requires what.’

Many times when the satsang programs were hectic, Pujyashri completed satsang in one place and then took meals in the car while traveling to another place. One day I was sitting on the rear seat in Bapuji’s car. He started eating and asked me, “Have you had your meal?”

I replied, “Yes, I have had.”

“No. you must be hungry.” Then He gave me two Rotis (unleavened breads) from His meal and when I was about to take it in my hands, He said, “No, Roti is not taken in the hands.” Then He put it on a plate. My eyes became teary on seeing His compassion and affection. Whenever there was a satsang programme held in the ashram, Guruji would occasionally pay a visit to the satsang hall at night. Upon seeing any sadhaka (sleeping in the satsang hall without a mosquito net) being bitten by mosquitoes, Bapuji ordered for some mosquito nets and instructed, “Do not wake them up” and had the mosquito nets placed in such a way that they would not come to know of it.” How compassionate is Bapuji’s heart!

Whether paid for sugar cane? 

The incident dates back to 2013, when Bapuji’s satsang programme was held in Bihar. Bapuji was travelling in the car from Patna to Aara. There were sugarcane farms on both sides of the route. Pujyashri said, “Fetch a sugarcane.”

I cut a sugarcane and brought it. When the car moved ahead, after about one kilometer, Guruji asked, “Oh, did you pay for the sugarcane to the farm owner?”

“Well, I cut one after making a request to him.”

“Why? This is unfair. You should pay him.”

Then Guruji asked the driver to turn the car back. The farmer was sitting near sugarcane. Guruji said, “Pay him money.”

I returned after giving him money. It is Bapuji’s nature to protect the rights of all.

Such compassion for the miserable!

The incident dates back to January 2013, when the Maha Kumbha Mela was held in Prayagraj. When Guruji went for a walk along the bank of Ganges, a farmer was sowing pointed gourds. He was barefoot. Upon seeing him, Guruji asked him, “Why don’t you wear shoes?” He replied, “Maharaj ji, I do not have money to buy shoes.” Pujyashri’s heart melted. He spoke to me instantly, “Bring a pair of shoes and give them to him.” I immediately brought  shoes and gave to the farmer. 
On the next day, Guruji went for a stroll, and asked the farmer whether he had received the shoes. Farmer replied, “Yes, Maharajji, I got them.”

“Are they well-fitting?”

 “Yes, Maharajji.”

Guruji went ahead along the river bank and saw a farmer was watering pointed gourds by fetching water from river Ganga in a pot. 

He asked, “Don’t you have any means for irrigation?” 

“No, Maharajji.”
Bapuji told me, “Tell the administrator of the ashram to arrange a hand pump for him.”  
A hand pump was arranged within 7-8 days. Thereafter the farmer started irrigating his fields with great pleasure. 

Three benefits of a single move 

During the same Maha Kumbha, Guruji went for a stroll in a nearby village. A farmer was uprooting radishes from his field. Bapuji enquired, “At what price do you sell radish?” 
The farmer said, “Maharajji, 2 rupees per kilo.” 
“People are buying radish 10 rupees 
per kilo In the Kumbha fair.”  
Then Bapuji instructed me, “You buy all of his radishes for 10 rupees per kilo. He will earn his livelihood and his family will subsist on it. Nobody purchases in the rural area, the poor guy will carry his entire burden to the vegetable market.” There were 50 kilos of radishes. Rs 500/- were paid to him. Bapuji instructed to send all the radishes to the kitchen and said, “Today make pakoras (salty fritter) of radish and serve them to all shivir attendees.”
Then Bapuji said to me, “Have you noticed? Here shivir attendees got the benefit of the pakoras and on the other hand, the, livelihood of the farmer was also arranged for and all his radishes are sold out. This has given three benefits.”

He is supremely great Self-realized saint

We went to a saint in June 2016, in the Kamakhya temple of Guwahati. He is 95 years old. I was wearing a locket with photo of Bapuji around my neck. The saint asked upon seeing it, “This is Asharam Bapuji. Are you His disciple?”
I said, “Yes, Maharajji, How do you know?”
“I have gone to have his darshan. He is a Self-realized saint. He is a saint of the highest order. People cannot recognize such saints and great men. This is called ‘Kaliyuga’ (the dark, evil age).”

Why does Bapuji walk with a torch?

When Bapuji goes for a stroll in the early morning and in the evening either He Himself or His attendant keeps a torch while walking. I had been greatly fortunate to perform this service (sewa). When we did not have a torch, Bapuji would not allow us to do this sewa. Pujyashri would say, “Haven’t you got a torch? It is dark. How many insects will you kill? How much sin will you incur? You will do more sin than sewa.” 

Hence Bapuji keeps a torch with him. Sometimes when we did not have a torch he would ask us to get one from his attendant or use a mobile phone torch to light the way. How caring Bapuji is about not only us but even ants, worms and other creatures!


पूज्य बापूजी के प्रेरक जीवन-प्रसंग

प्रयागराज के दिनेश सिंह (पुलिस उप-निरीक्षक), जिन्हें सन् 1995 से पूज्य बापूजी का सत्संग-सान्निध्य व 1997 से सेवा-लाभ मिलता रहा है, उनके द्वारा बताये गये पूज्यश्री के कुछ मधुर प्रसंग :

पूरा जीवन ही बदल गया

मेरा बापूजी से मंत्रदीक्षा लेने के पूर्व का जीवन बहुत ही पतित था । मेरी पुलिस फोर्स की नौकरी है तो मैं दारू पीता था, मांस-मछली के बिना तो खाना भी नहीं खाता था । पत्नी की पिटाई भी कर देता था । ऐसी बुरी संगति थी कि सिगरेट पीना, यह-वह करना... बहुत बुरी लत लग गयी थी । पूज्यश्री से मंत्रदीक्षा लेने के बाद बुरी संगति व बुरी आदतें सब अपने-आप छूट गयीं । अभी भी फोर्स में हमारे बगल में लोग मांस खाते हैं, दारू पीते हैं और मुझे बोलते हैं : ‘‘एक पेग ले लो ।’’ परंतु मेरी भीतर से इच्छा ही नहीं होती, ऐसी गुरुकृपा हो गयी है ।

प्यास मिटी नहीं बल्कि और भी बढ़ी

सन् 1997 में जबलपुर (म.प्र.) में पूज्यश्री का सत्संग था । शाम के सत्र में पंडाल में बापूजी के दूर से दर्शन हुए तो मुझे नजदीक से दर्शन की तीव्र इच्छा हुई । गुरुजी का निवास सत्संग-स्थल से 7 कि.मी. दूर था । सत्संग के बाद मैं पैदल ही वहाँ पहुँच गया और भक्तों के बीच बैठ गया । पूज्यश्री घूमने जाने के लिए बाहर आये तो मुझे देखकर बोले : ‘‘अरे, तू आ गया !’’

‘‘हाँ जी ।’’

मैंने दंडवत् प्रणाम किया । गुरुजी ने सेवक को बोला : ‘‘इसको भोजन कराना, ऐसे ही मत जाने देना ।’’

मैंने भोजन किया और रात को वहीं रुका । सुबह जब पूज्यश्री सत्संग करने जा रहे थे तो मुझे भी अपनी गाड़ी में बिठाकर पंडाल ले आये । मैं तो गाड़ी में बैठे-बैठे खूब आनंदित हो रहा था । गुरुजी के सान्निध्य की प्यास मिटी नहीं बल्कि और बढ़ गयी । इस इच्छा को भी बापूजी ने पूरा कर दिया और मुझे उसके बाद  पूज्यश्री की  नजदीकी  सेवा का सौभाग्य मिलता रहा ।

महापुरुषों की कैसी करुणा !

बापूजी की सत्संग-कार्यक्रम में अधिक व्यस्तता होने से कई बार पूज्यश्री एक सत्संग पूरा करके दूसरे सत्संग में जाते समय कार में ही भोजन करते थे । एक बार मैं भी बापूजी की गाड़ी में पीछे बैठा था । भोजन करने लगे तो मुझसे पूछा : ‘‘भोजन किया है ?’’

‘‘जी, कर लिया है ।’’ लेकिन उस दिन जल्दबाजी में थोड़ा कम ही भोजन किया था ।

पूज्यश्री : ‘‘नहीं, तू भूखा होगा ।’’ फिर अपने भोजन से दो रोटियाँ निकाल के दीं । मैं हाथ में लेने लगा तो बोले : ‘‘नहीं, रोटी हाथ में नहीं लेते ।’’ फिर प्लेट में दीं । इतना प्रेम, इतना दयाभाव देखकर मेरी आँखों में आँसू आ गये ।

आश्रम में जब सत्संग होता तो गुरुजी कभी-कभी रात में पंडाल में घूमने आते थे । जो साधक पंडाल में सोये रहते, उनमें से कोई मच्छरदानी के बगैर सोया होता और उसे मच्छर काट रहे होते तो बापूजी मच्छरदानी मँगवाते और बोलते : ‘‘उसको जगाना नहीं ।’’ और इस प्रकार से मच्छरदानी लगवा देते कि उसको पता ही नहीं चलता था ।

कितना करुण हृदय है पूज्य बापूजी का !

गन्ने का पैसा दिया क्या ?

सन् 2013 में बिहार में सत्संग था । बापूजी पटना से आरा गाड़ी से जा रहे थे । सड़क के किनारे गन्ने का खेत था । पूज्यश्री बोले : ‘‘गन्ना ले आ ।’’

मैं एक गन्ना तोड़ के ले आया । गाड़ी 1 कि.मी. आगे गयी होगी, गुरुजी ने पूछा : ‘‘अरे, खेत के मालिक को पैसा दिया कि नहीं ?’’

‘‘जी, उससे निवेदन करके एक तोड़ लिया था ।’’

‘‘क्यों ? यह तो गलत बात है । उसको पैसा देना था ।’’

फिर गुरुजी ने वहाँ से गाड़ी वापस मुड़वायी । वह किसान बैठा था गन्नों के पास, बोले : ‘‘उसको रुपये दे के आ ।’’ मैं रुपये दे के आया ।

हर किसीके अधिकार की सुरक्षा करना बापूजी का स्वभाव है ।

कैसी परदुःखकातरता !

जनवरी 2013 में प्रयागराज में कुम्भ पर्व था । वहाँ गुरुजी गंगा-किनारे घूमने गये तो एक किसान परवल बो रहा था । उसके पैर में जूते नहीं थे । गुरुजी ने देखा तो उससे बोले : ‘‘तुमने जूते क्यों नहीं पहने हैं ?’’

वह बोला : ‘‘महाराजजी ! जूते खरीदने के लिए पैसे नहीं हैं ।’’

पूज्यश्री का हृदय द्रवीभूत हो गया, तुरंत मुझे बोले : ‘‘जूते ले आना और इसे दे देना ।’’

मैंने तुरंत जूते ला के पहनाये । दूसरे दिन गुरुजी घूमने गये तो उस किसान से पूछा : ‘‘जूते मिले ?’’

किसान : ‘‘हाँ महाराजजी ! मिल गये ।’’

‘‘नाप के हैं ?’’

‘‘हाँ महाराजजी !’’

गुरुजी आगे गये तो एक किसान गंगा-किनारे से मटके में पानी ला के अपने परवल में डाल रहा था, उसे बोले : ‘‘क्यों, पानी का साधन नहीं है ?’’

‘‘नहीं महाराजजी !’’

फिर बापूजी मुझेे बोले : ‘‘आश्रम के संचालक को बोल देना कि इसके लिए एक हैंडपम्प लगवा दे ।’’

7-8 दिन के अंदर वहाँ हैंडपम्प लग गया । फिर वह किसान बड़े आनंद से खेत की सिंचाई करने लगा ।

बापूजी की युक्ति से हुए 3 फायदे

उसी कुम्भ के समय एक दिन गुरुजी वहाँ पास के गाँव में घूमने गये । एक किसान खेत से मूली निकाल रहा था । बापूजी ने उससे पूछा : ‘‘किस भाव में बिकती है तुम्हारी मूली ?’’

किसान : ‘‘महाराजजी ! 2 रुपये किलो ।’’

‘‘कुम्भ मेले में तो लोग 10 रुपये किलो मूली खरीद रहे हैं !’’

फिर मुझे पूज्यश्री ने कहा : ‘‘ऐसा करो कि 10 रुपये किलो के हिसाब से इसकी सब मूली तुम ले लो । इसकी आजीविका चलेगी, परिवार का पेट भरेगा । देहात में तो कोई लेता नहीं है, बेचारा बोझा ढोकर मंडी ले जायेगा ।’’

50 किलो मूली थी, उसे 500 रुपये दिये । उस मूली को बापूजी ने शिविर के रसोईघर में भिजवा दिया, बोले : ‘‘सभी शिविरार्थियों को आज मूली के पकौड़े बनाकर खिलाओ ।’’

फिर बापूजी मुझसे बोले : ‘‘देखा, इधर शिविरार्थियों को भी मिल गया, उधर किसान को आजीविका के लिए भी हो गया और उसकी मूली भी बिक गयी, तीन फायदे हो गये ।’’

ये तो बहुत बड़े ब्रह्मज्ञानी संत हैं

जून 2016 में गुवाहाटी के कामाख्या मंदिर में हम एक संत के पास गये थे । उनकी उम्र 95 साल है । मैं गले में बापूजी का लॉकेट पहने हुए था । उसे देखकर वे संत बोले :

   ‘‘ये तो आशारामजी बापू हैं, इनके तुम शिष्य हो ?’’

मैंने कहा : ‘‘हाँ महाराजजी ! आप कैसे जानते हैं ?’’

‘‘मैं इनका दर्शन करने गया हूँ । ये तो ब्रह्मज्ञानी संत हैं । बहुत पहुँचे हुए संत हैं । ऐसे संत-महापुरुषों को लोग पहचान नहीं पाते, इसीको कलियुग बोलते हैं ।’’

बापूजी के टॉर्च लेकर चलने का राज

बापूजी प्रातः या शाम को टहलने जाते हैं तो स्वयं टॉर्च लेकर चलते हैं अथवा तो सेवक के पास टॉर्च होती है । इस सेवा का सौभाग्य मुझे भी मिला है । सेवा में जाने पर टॉर्च नहीं रहती थी तो बापूजी सेवा से मना कर देते थे । पूज्यश्री बोलते : ‘‘टॉर्च नहीं ली है, अँधेरा है, कितने कीड़े मारेगा ! कितना पाप लगेगा ! जितनी सेवा करेगा, उससे ज्यादा तू पाप करेगा ।’’

इसलिए बापूजी साथ में टॉर्च रखते हैं । कभी-कभी हमारे पास टॉर्च नहीं होती थी तो सेवक या हमारे मोबाइल की टॉर्च जलवा देेते थे । बापूजी हमारी सुरक्षा के साथ कीड़े-मकोड़ों एवं अन्य प्राणियों की भी सुरक्षा का कितना खयाल रखते हैं !


ऋषि प्रसाद- अंक-290
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