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The Indweller of All Hearts
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The Indweller of All Hearts

Pujya Bapuji is ever engaged in the good of the mankind and in efforts for increasing peace and happiness in their lives, for making their lives free from tension, for accord and harmony in their family lives and for their spiritual advancement. Not only human beings, he takes due care that even the tiniest of creatures should not be hurt or deprived of their right to live. He instruct his disciples also the same so as to walk carefully so as not to trample ants and other creatures, to throw grains to the birds and to offer morsels to the cows- to act with humility towards all beings not out of compassion but considering them akin to one’s own Self. Pujya Bapuji says in His satsang: 

आत्मवत् पश्येत् सर्वभूतेषु 
‘Know all beings to be part and parcel of the Supreme Being like yourself.’ 

Engaged in the welfare of all living beings, Pujya Bapuji saved the life of thousands of cows being taken to the slaughter-house. He set up large cow-sheds and made arrangements for their food etc. India will forever be indebted to Him for this act of his, which gives to the countrymen, the message of rearing cows along with that of compassion towards all living beings.

‘I am the Atman abiding in all beings’

The supreme well-wishers of all living being i.e. the God-realized saints abide in all beings as the Atman. Even at the time of sadhana, His magnanimous belief of ‘अहं आत्मा सर्वभूताशयस्थित:’  had attained perfection. The incidents of Pujyashree treading upon snakes in the darkness of his cave and the latter not biting Him bear testimony to this fact.

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