Leela Shah Ji Maharaj

Brahamleen Brahamnishth Pujyapad Swami Leelashahji Maharaj 


 Revered Swami Leelashahji Maharaj was a Self-realized saint established in the Truth-consciousness-Bliss Personified Supreme Self and had guided many sadhakas (aspirants) towards the same . His life is a source of divine inspiration for all living beings on earth . His each and every action was directed towards the welfare of the entire creation. His mere ‘darshan’ would please the minds, the clouds of disappointment would get dispersed , and the dejected souls get charged with zeal, and with the perplexities of the confused ones being solved , a new life would possess them. His complete life was in a way a confluence of the yoga of Karma (action) , jnana (knowledge) , and Bhakti (devotion) . He was an accomplished yogi having tremendous powers. Many Incidences occurred  knowingly or unknowingly in His life suggestive of his yogic powers , like halting the train , moving a neem tree across the ground , giving eyesight to blind , and child to the barren etc.

Once saint Leelaram (former name) was passing through a village . A poor woman was crying over her dead son. She had kept the dead body of her child a little far from her on the road . Seeing a dead child sleeping on road , suddenly the following words came out of His mouth : “Child! Get Up"

Listening to the words of Sant Leelaram , the dead child got up at once and fell at the saint`s feet. The poor mother , on seeing thios miracle , came running and started expressing her heartfelt gratitude holding the saint`s  feet Santsri said to woman ,”Mother! I pray to you not to tell about this incidence to anyone.” But how long could the truth be concealed ?

तप करे पाताल में , प्रगट होय आकाश |रज्जब तीनों लोक में , छिपे न हरि को लाल  || 

 “Even if one performs austerities in the nether world , it is revealed in the heaven

Says Rajjab , that in all the three worlds , The son of  ‘Hari’ can not remain hidden” 

Within a short time , the villagers came to know of the might of this Great Man. Having known this , He at once left the villages and went elsewhere .

Sant Leelaram would sing the following lines of His self- composed poem to his audience : 

 चार दिन की जिंदगानी में , तन से ,

मन से हमेशा के लिए रहता नहीं इस दारे फानी में |

कुछ अच्छा काम कर लो , चार दिन की जिंदगानी में ||

तन से सेवा करो जगत की , मन से प्रभु के हो जाओ |

शुद्ध बुद्धि से तत्वनिष्ट्ठ हो , मुक्त अवस्था को तुम पाओ ||


" Life is short: one does not live in this mortal world forever, 

Do some noble tasks in this short spam through your body , serve the world ; 

And surrender your mind to God With a pure intellect become established in the truth. 

And attain the state of liberation”

 Thus his entire life was benevolent . The feeling only of benevolence and divine love circulated in His each and every vein. The message of His life was , “As long as there is life , keep performing altruistic activities . Know your self  , attain your supreme bliss which is beyond the burdens of sense of doer-ship.”

He carried out several public-welfare works in different regions but never entertained the feeling of being the ‘doer’. He was an epitome of humanity and selflessness. He used to say , “These acts are accomplished by that one Great (divine) power at different places. ‘Leela’ doesn`t do anything” 


 महिमा लीलाशाह की .

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आओ श्रोता तुम्हें सुनाऊँ, महिमा लीलाशाह की।
सिंध देश के संत शिरोमणि, बाबा बेपरवाह की।।

जय जय लीलाशाह, जय जय लीलाशाह।। -2

बचपन में ही घर को छोड़ा, गुरुचरण में आन पड़ा।
तन मन धन सब अर्पण करके, ब्रह्मज्ञान में दृढ़ खड़ा। - 2
नदी पलट सागर में आयी, वृ्त्ति अगम अथाह की।।

सिंध देश के.....

योग की ज्वाला भड़क उठी, और भोग भरम को भस्म किया।
तन को जीता मन को जीता, जनम मरण को खत्म किया। - 2
नदी पलट सागर में आयी, वृत्ति अगम अथाह की।। सिंध देश के.....
सुख को भरते दुःख को हरते, करते ज्ञान की बात जी।
जग की सेवा लाला नारायण, करते दिन रात जी। - 2
जीवन्मुक्त विचरते हैं ये दिल है शहंशाह की।।

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