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Showing the way to devotees
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Showing the way to devotees

An amorous person seeks women, one with attachment dies for family and a greedy one hankers after wealth but a devotee’s goal is God alone. When the Sadhaka, chained by shackles of Jiva-consciousness begins to fathom to some extent the worthlessness of the world, he starts feeling an urge in his heart for pure Self-bliss. Then start his efforts to attain this Self-bliss; he studies the scriptures and takes recourse to various spiritual practices. But when he realizes that he is not being bereaved of the inner emptiness by means, he forgets his egotism and seeks help from the all-pervading Supreme Being. And ow does the Supreme Being help him? The Almighty incarnates Himself in the form of God-realized Sadgurus and plays His divine frolics form time to time.

In this very chain of God-realized Sadgurus, Param Pujya Bapuji is taking the devotees effortlessly on the path to salvation by Darshan, Satsan, meditation, Kundalini Yoga and the Yoga of listening to the inner sound of Aum experienced in meditation. It is said in ‘Guru Granth Sahib’:

“Guru Nanak says that by coming in the tutelage of Sadguru, one gets such a knack as to attain salvation effortlessly and without any sacrifice as if in a play.’

Pujyashree says, “O sadhaka! God is not afar nor is the attainment of Him, difficult. Take a firm resolve today itself, ‘I will surely attain Self-realization’. You just have to take one single step forward; the Lord is willing to take 999 steps. You pray to the Lord timorously and lose yourself into Him; surrender yourself to Him who is your real master.”

The inquisitive aspirant does study the scriptures but he is unable to understand the esoteric message contained therein and as such fails to learn the art of leading a blissful life. It is possible only when you come across the Sadguru who has experienced and assimilated the scriptural maxim of ‘वासुदेव: सर्वम्’ ‘ all is God.’

Those fortunate few who have taken Mantra-Diksha from Pujyashree, a dispenser of the ambrosia of Self-bliss, and frequently attend Dhyan Yoga Shibirs (Meditation camps), have, through His causeless unbidden compassion, got the divine experience of evolution their spiritual energy which makes worries and tension, disappointment and dejection flee from their hearts and unravels the sticky knots of their lives. Slowly and slowly their lust is converted into devotion, they get naturally attuned to meditation and their mind starts reposing in the Divinity within. People starts experiencing, in just 12 days, the real happiness and divine peace and tranquility that others cannot find by self-mortifying sadhana of 12 years. Simply by sitting near the feet of compassion-incarnate Bapuji and listening to His Satsang, people get spiritually elevated and the hidden meaning of the scriptures is revealed to them.

Pujyashree’s message to the aspirants is, “wake up to your own Divinity. How long will you keep believing yourself to be merely a certain physical structure, mind and intellect? You are the Supreme Consciousness, wherein innumerable souls, infinite bodies are being echoed. You are the fragrance in the flowers, the nectar in the trees, the chirping of the birds. It is you who shine as the Sun and the Moon. Know your real nature of ‘I am playing in and as all that is’ and repose in your True Self, which is the real Samadhi and that too with open eyes. You have no time to waste because cruel Father of Death is hovering over your head.

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