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Health Care in the Rainy (Varsha) Season
Health Care in the Rainy (Varsha) Season

Recommended Diet: Those desirous of safeguarding their digestive system in this season should use old barley, wheat and rice. Saragwa, suran, parval and white gourd among vegetables along with a weekly intake of bitter gourd and vishkhapra (saati) are also recommended. Kulthi and moong among pulses sesame seeds oil among edible oils can be consumed in this season.

Insalubrious diet: Potatoes, cauliflower, cluster beans, ladies' finger among vegetables, pigeon pea, kidney beans, urad and sprouted grains should not be consumed. One should not consume milk and green leafy vegetables in shravana, while avoiding buttermilk and white gourd in bhadrapada.

Note: Rainy season marked by a rampant spread of diseases. The ailments that crop up during this period flare up in autumn. The reasons for such wide-spread proliferation of diseases during this time of the year are as follows:

   1.In this season, the sky is predominantly overcast, whereupon the flow of vital energy from the Sun to the earth is diminished and harmful pathogens are not destroyed. thus diseases proliferate. It also takes more time to recover from an ailment in this season due to the deficiency of vital energy.

    2.Stagnant water accumulated in pits and low-lying areas is a breeding place for mosquitoes that spread Malaria, etc.

 3.The low vital energy impairs digestion and even a little over-indulgence in eating leads to diseases like indigestion, gastric disorders, cholera and typhoid. When such patients defecate in open places, flies swarm the excreta and carry the harmful bacteria on to the food items that they then sit on, thus causing rapid spread of diseases.

According to Naturopathy and Ayurveda, we should enhance our vital energy to safeguard ourselves from such diseases.

Measures for boosting the vital energy:

   1. In rainy season digestion is generally weak. Therefore one should eat less. It is essential to fast once in a week or fortnight.
   2. In rainy season fruits and vegetables like jamun, and apples (of the Kashmiri variety) are available in abundance and one should consume them judiciously.
   3. It is highly beneficial to walk barefoot on green grass. This allows a kind of give-and-take between the grass and the nerves at the soles of our feet, which is extremely good for health.
   4.  In rainy season organs of the excretory system, viz. the intestines, kidneys and lungs become overloaded. Therefore one should take deep breaths during a morning walk and at the time of taking a bath in the morning as well as in the evening. It is highly beneficial to have a bath twice in rainy season. One should take a bath using normal tap water. In this season one should go to bed around 10:00 P.M.

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  7/4/2011 6:30:51 PM

Pujya Gurudev k charno me koti koti pranam.Mein jahanpar abhi pahuncha aur jo kuchh bhi paya hoon sab mere Guru k kripa k liye hi paya hoon.OM GURU
  10/8/2010 3:35:55 AM

bapu rakha karo pran sankat main hai 
gurudev rakha karo dono kidney work nahi kar rehe hai kirpa karo gurudev.
  8/30/2010 8:29:37 AM
jyoti shinde 

HARI OM.... 
  8/8/2010 3:26:20 AM
arvind - Nashik 

i have seen a dream 
i have seen a dream that I fell in a vel/kuan and gurudev keeping me upside of that vell/kuan. and now a days i am very upset due to illness of my wife?(knee joint pain)
but i am suar that my gurudev is with me always.
  7/22/2010 11:09:35 PM

Jai sadguru 
Puri dharati param pujya gurudev ki kratagya hai,unko shat shat naman.
  7/22/2010 11:02:30 PM

Hari Om 
Sri Gurudev ki kripa bani rahe.
  7/22/2010 10:32:28 PM
shraddha suman 

Jai Gurudev 
bAPUJI KE AASHIRVAD SE HI ZINDAGI ME SAFALTA MILI MUJHE...Hey Prabhu mujhe aashirvad do bhagwan...
  7/22/2010 7:16:06 AM

New Comment 
Jogi re kya ja tu hai tere pyaar mein....Ho jaye tera jogi jo aaye teer darbar mein
  7/21/2010 2:19:31 PM

New Comment 
bapuji meri maa hai
  7/17/2010 2:18:01 AM

Jai guru dev 
Pujia Bapuji k shri charnoo me shat shat naman...Bapuji sab bachoon ka kitna khial rakhte hen..seb kp apna samj ker sab ki hit ki baat kertey hai
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