Sant Asaram Bapu ji still worshipped in Odisha capital

Odisha Sun Times Bureau

Bhubaneswar, Aug 25:

Despite the arrest of religious preacher Sant Asaram Bapu ji, his disciples and followers have still reposed their unstinting faith on their guru which is evident in the Odisha capital.
Sant Asaram Bapu ji ashram Large number of devotees including high profile personalities and top bureaucrats turn up in large numbers to Bapuji’s ashram at Khandagiri everyday to perform his worship.

Inside the ashram, a pair of wooden slippers of Bapu is placed inside the prayer hall which the devotees offer flowers.

While the ashram inmates organise satsang, bhajans and prayers in the name of the Bapu every day, special prayers are arranged on every Sunday where more number of devotees throng the ashram to participate in masses.

The devotees and disciples have no effect on the sexual harassment charges levelled against their guru.

“We know what our guru is. He has not done anything wrong. It is a well-orchestrated conspiracy against him. Attempts have been made to hurt our religious sentiments by defaming the Indian saints since ages. The reports published in the media are stage-managed by some overseas organisations”, they maintained.