Why Is Bapuji Targeted ?
Huge Monetary Loss to Multi National Companies
Why Is Bapuji Targeted

Bapuji has devoted at least 50 years of his life to the spiritual awakening of the people. He has made a huge following of 60 million devotees in 50 years, creating an ecosystem of spiritual growth with permanent transition to a dharmic lifestyle. De-addiction of all his followers causes huge monetary losses to many multinational companies.

Numbers Don’t Lie

Why Is Bapuji Targeted If we reduce the figure of Pujya Bapuji followers from 60 million to 20 million, lest people should consider it to be an exaggeration. Let's suppose, if 20 million people don't consume alcohol for 50 years that goes to save about 18820 billion rupees. 

If we calculate the savings in terms of consumption of cigarettes the amount comes to 11360 billion rupees. 

Why Is Bapuji Targeted

Similarly, even the amount saved in Gutkha-consumption, Tea & Cold Drinks, Eggs & Meat can easily be calculated. The strong message of Celibacy (Brahmacharya) causes a great loss to the Sex Industrial Complex (the producers and distributors of pornography, lewd music albums, manufacturers of condoms, drugs for AIDS, etc.) 

If we calculate the combined total of all these, the amount runs into a few hundred trillion of rupees to say the least.

So, it's no big deal if those companies incurring losses to the tune of trillions, decide to spend a few billions to defame Bapuji!

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Key Reasons :

Social Reforms By Bapuji

Facts About Latest Allegations:
Jurist Dr. Subramanian Swamy Found The Case Bogus
Why chose Delhi to file FIR? – Suspicious delay & political pressure on Delhi police
“No rape charges filed in FIR and medical report received from Delhi does not confirm rape at all”- DCP Ajay Pal Lamba, Jodhpur (officer sacked soon after)
“Neither girl nor Pujya Bapuji was present in ashram at the time of so called incident. Investigation has proven this fact.”- Shri Subramanian Swamy
“I am unwilling to create an issue but My parents are pushing for it. I only speak what I am told to speak." - Complainant’s Confession to Her Friend Over Phone
“I was lured showing bundles of currency and under physical pressure, I was forced to read out pre-planned script to trap Asharamji Bapu”- Bholanand
“All the witnesses listed by Honorable Supreme Court are not only alive but their statements have also been taken in court.”- Shri Subramanian Swamy

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