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AajTak hurts Religious sentiments with Fake Sting Operation
Interview with Mr. Pramod Krishnam Pethadhishwar Kalki Maharaj, President, All India Saints Association
Sri Pramod Krusnamji Maharaj unleashed the truth in his interview to the A2Z TV channel in response to the so called sting operation shown in Aaj Tak TV channel dated September 12, 2010 at 10.11 AM.
After watching the sting operation on Hindu saints from this TV Channels, it seems that it is not a sting operation rather it has been created. Sting operation is one in which recording of the wrong works/things is being done with intelligence like a CID. But this is a cheating in the name of Sting operation.  Media should show the events which are really happening but news are being made with distortion, maliciousness, malevolently; you yourself becomes the complainer, the investigating officer, becomes a lawyer, becomes a judge and also you declare the final punishment. 
In the recent past a lot of incidents have taken place, among them,  Arushi murder case is one in which as soon as her father’s name came, the media started stressing that  ‘Watch the miss deeds of a “KALI YUG” Father who has murdered her daughter.’  (But everybody knows that later it was not proved). Now consider the case of Shiney Ahuja, (Because of channels) he became the villain and was proved guilty, but the servant told that “I have told so at the behest of some one else ”. If he is proved as innocent then can any TV channel return the reputation which was spoilt till date?  Leave the parents of the Arushi, all the children in the country started fearing their parents. Our social structure is weakened by such journalism. So I would like to request the media to work within the limits of their rights since no one in India has got the power to break their Rights. 
I think there is a big conspiracy planned behind this sting operation shown against the Indian saints.
Being the president of the All India Saints Association (Akhil Bharatiya Sant Samiti), I clearly want to say that, if any such conspiracy is being done against the spiritual leaders of other religion then this country would be on fire, violent storm would come up. Our religion is a so tolerant that even though atrocity and tyranny being done against our saints we are enduring it.  At least we should think about it. Conspiracies are being done only against the Hindu Saints on the name sting operation - ponder upon it as well. As long as you have not seen both sides, who has given you the right to declare some one as criminal? 
I do not think it is fair enough to point out someone as assassin, hypocritical, vicious or a culprit. As far as Asharamji Bapu and Sudhanshu Maharaj are concerned, or others against whom the sting operation is being shown, it do not seems to have any reality inside. Suppose a person goes to any Temple, Mosque or Gurudwara and says that “I am in a miserable condition please provide me shelter”, then the spiritual leader of which religion would not give shelter to relief the sufferer’s pain. This is very ovbious. Now it is different that you have started fudging the simple natured Saints by playing a drama with a person trying to tempt with money or with a plan of opening a Vedic University. In this case Saints are not doing wrong instead you are doing the wrong by inducing them towards awry. I want to say clearly that you are cheating, swindling with the Saints so a case should be filed against you for your deception.
Saints who have thousands and millions of followers, who have good reputation all over the country, you defame them in a minute by saying “Watch the wrong deeds of the saint”. You are playing with the emotion of millions of people. You are hurting the religious beliefs and faith. The constitution of India gives us the right to accept any religion and respect any spiritual master which is a personal faith. It is certainly not fair to play with anyone’s faith. This should be stopped and a decision should be made that you have the right to telecast the news but not to create the news. 
Anchor: Oh Saint! Why is this happening?
Saint: There is nothing to hide in it. I see it as a game of money and TRP. Thousands and crores of rupees are being invested by TV channels in this, which is definitely not correct. Just to earn money you defame some one. One who has followed the austerity for twenty years, fifty years, you are making deception and fraudulence on them. Then you would telecast it by editing it in distorted manner. If you do the recording in January, you telecast it in June. Five-six months you take to edit script and fabricate it by tucking untruth into it. This is the big crime, an offence!!

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Created by harish in 9/19/2010 2:54:05 AMhari playing with the emotional sentiments of the people of maaBharati ,these people are losing theier base among the masses of the countr.common people can be frequently heard sayinng that channels like aaj tak are at all makes the mare go---is suits them appropriately. it is common belief that they care too hoot for the country.aashcharya'why their own religion in which they took birth ,is on attack by them.just think such which direction youn are taking the future of your own generation only if you care for them sincerily'May BHAGWAN GIVE SADBUDHI TO U.HARI OM.

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