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Hindu Voice - Editor's speaks on AajTak's Fake Sting Operation

 We see that regularly Hindu Saints and Hindu Sentiments are being made soft-targets by TV Channels particularly the India Today Network’s AajTak/HeadlinesToday/India Today Magazine.

Now here is something serious going on, with these channels and not the Hindu Saints. Actually this article is quite straight to the point and without any more briefing, let me point this article pointing towards the recent ‘FAKE’ Sting Operations shown repetitively. They have no proofs of mis-deeds, since present normal things in such molded way that ‘lies’ look like ‘truth’. Alright here is the deal, read this, especially Missionary Funded TV Channels:
To: Aajtak TV Channel
Sub: You have hurt Hindu Religious Sentiments
I watched your programme “Operation Hey Ram” on 9th September 2010 night.
The sting operation on Asaram Bapu and Sudhansu Maharaj smacks of a conspiracy to defameHindu Sadhus and Sants. And you have selected an appropriate time for broadcasting this episode - on the eve of Ganesh Chaturthi - when the entire Hindu society is in a gay mood celebrating Ganapathy. Therefore, your intention is very clear. You have tried to demoralise Hindus by demonising a fewHindu Sants. By doing so, you are apparently trying to serve someone’s cause.
I have not had the occasion to watch in your Channel any such programmes involving Fathers and Moulvis, while the entire western media is flooded with sex scandals and frauds involving Churches. If you want, I am giving below one, so that you can make an episode on this and broadcast it. Then and then only I will be sure that your Channel is not partisan and is neutral. Otherwise, Hindus will presume that you are targeting Hindu Sants as they are soft targets.
(By the way, did you cover the recent news of atrocities on Hindus by Muslims in Deganga in North 24-Parganas in West Bengal?)
On 12th June 2009, there was a Press Conference, at 4.00 p.m at the Shanmukhananda Hall, King Circle, Mumbai, addressed by Kanchi Shankaracharya, Swami Jayendra Saraswati ji, and Mumbai Archbishop Cardinal Oswald Gracious, after the Interfaith Meeting held earlier on that day at the same venue. After their briefing, my question to Mumbai Archbishop was : “In the New Community Bible released recently you have included hundreds of verses from Veds and Upanishads. Does this not amount to steeling the intellectual properties of Hindus?”. His answer was: “I am not aware of it”. According to press reports, Mumbai Archbishop Cardinal Oswald Gracious worked on the project for 18 years and released the New Community Bible himself. Still, he was just lying to me when he said ‘I am not aware of it’. He told this lie in front of Kanchi Shankaracharya and about 40 media persons. How can a person of the stature of Mumbai Archbishop lie so blatantly and still go scot free?
I sent this news to all Channels at that time, but as expected, no one bothered to look at it, leave alone publishing it. Can you make an episode on this liar? Do you have the guts to do so?
As a Hindu, my religious feelings are hurt by your broadcasting the said programme on 10th Sept. 2010. By planting stories and putting words into their mouths, you have tried to trap these Sants, and falsely show that these Sants have committed some criminal offence. You have done this just to defame them and to demoralise the Hindus who have faith in Hindu sants. Further, by broadcasting the programme on the eve of Ganesh Chaturthi, you have hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus. In view of your broadcasting the said programme on the eve of Ganesh Charturthi, I am sure many Hindus could not have celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi on the morning 11th September 2010 with the usual pomp. Your programme has given mental torture to them and has de-spirited them. In the process, you spoilt the festive mood of Hindus. You seem to derive vicarious pleasure by taunting Hindus.
You owe an apology to the entire Hindu society. However, you can make amends if you agree to broadcast an episode on the matter mentioned above - lying by Mumbai Archbishop Cardinal Oswald Gracious in front of about 40 media persons on 12th July 2009.
I will be publishing this letter in Hindu Voice as well as National Spirit. If you prefer to reply to this letter, that too will be published. Apart from this, I along with like minded Hindus will be carrying out a campaign among Hindu viewers and your Hindu advertisers to boycott your chennel for being anti-Hindu, which please note.
P. Deivamuthu
Editor, Hindu Voice (Monthly)
Editor, National Spirit (Weekly)
Founder-President, Hindu Journalists & Intellectuals Forum.
210 Abhinav, Teen Dongri
Yeshwant Nagar, Goregaon West
Mumbai 400062
Tel; 022-28764460, 09324728153

New Comment
Created by Aarthi in 10/7/2013 2:17:47 PMI agree! Should stop this act where Hindu beliefs and customs are made fun of! They dont deserve to live in a great Hindu nation like us

New Comment
Created by h k pareek in 10/5/2011 10:01:09 AMwho so ever make him self involved to defame respected saints will have to pay the cost for his dirty deeds, sooner or later depends upon the blend of gravity of his crime the carryover balance of his good work in the past.The biggest example is the defamation by p chidambaram for respected pragya ji naming as bhagwa ugrawad. the country will see him in jail along with a raja of 2g. all the channels involved in the scandal defaming bapu ji will have to pay the cost sooner or later.
Enough is enough now..we should teach such bastards a good lesson now
Created by Nikhil aware in 11/26/2010 8:55:13 AMNew Comment
Created by Sandeep c. P. in 10/2/2010 6:00:17 AMSunlo duniya walo hum shant hai, kamjor nahi. Hum Bapu ke bacche hai , sacche hai. Hume koi kharid nahi sakta. Khabardar agar mere Bapu ke bare me kuch bhi bole toh. Hum bharat ka bhavishya hai aur apke Astitva ka bhi.
satyamev jayte
Created by chirag in 9/28/2010 3:23:02 AMhum sab sadhak bhai kabse chup bethe he.... ki media vale hamarehi bhai he ...... kar bhala to ho bhala.... par vo samajna hi...... nahi chahte.......... ab had ho chuki he.................... ab tak dikhai gayi saari news galat he.......... hame 1 joot ho kar court me apil katni chahiye......... hum maan haani ka daava kar sakte he...........
media ki aazadi kisi ke satya marg ka kaata nahi banni chahiye ........ ve paise kamane ke liye..... kisiko apmanit nahi kat sakte

File a case
Created by Anurag in 9/27/2010 8:09:48 PMAaj tak se sting operation ki puri video magi jay, jis se ye pata chal sake ki ye log video edit karke dikha rahe hain
New Comment
Created by Anonymous in 9/26/2010 1:00:30 PMI read the verbal transcript of the sting operation published on this site.The sting shown on aajtak hurt the sentiments of the followers deeply and it is the responsibilty of the ashram management to bring out the truth.but not just confined to your magazines or people should also feel that you have responsibilty to hit back at such miscreants hardly so that it is not people just sit in your offices publish some articles exposing the truth behind these acts and shrug of your shoulders.Ashram managements approach to this issue replicates the way political parties react to the charges levelled against their is the common follower who in real time is deeply hurt by these things.where the people make fun of them.when you strongly believe that tapes were doctered and you publish the verbal script then you can just take help of the judiciary instead of claiming innocense in your website and magazines.just get the tapes shown and original tapes checked by the forensic lab with the help of judiciary and then the truth will be out.and having a case filed in this matter is not a big job for such a big organisation.and if the transcript you published proves to be right after thorough investigation then it exposes the real face of these kind of media houses who take pride in defaming indian saints,in front of the whole world and paticularly tv today network which is the most trusted network in may not believe in your articles now but one must beleive after the investgation proves that you people were i feel it is high time for you people not to confine yourself to your magazines but to comeout and take stern action against these kind of media houses restoring the faith of lakhs of followers.surprised to see that you have not even filed a case againt those people instead just making claims in your website.just think from the perspective of a common follower how deeply he has been hurt,his faith has been shaken internally
New Comment
Created by asit kumar panda in 9/23/2010 12:24:43 AMwhat is the reason that "Aaj Tak" neither did broadcast it nor intimated the police or investigation agencies on the issue immediately after recording the matter in june'2010? Is this not acrime by the channel authority to keep the matter in darkness for a peroid of three months? A false trial always leaves some sort of clues behind and so did "Aaj Tak" too. Should not be there an investigation from this point of view too?
New Comment
Created by Anonymous in 9/22/2010 5:39:04 PMsudhar jao.tumhari buddhi mari ja rhi hai aajtak wale
court case
Created by sachin in 9/19/2010 8:52:17 PMwe should file a case demanding the complete video from Aaj tak and will defaming them
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