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Hari OM Atman, 

Past 4-5 years, with full planning, the paid media has been creating a negative image of the H.H. Sant Asharam ji Bapu in public mind & lastly conspiring to an extent that his holiness has been put behind bars by putting undue pressure on Govt. with the help of balant misreporting and creating fake stories.  

Today, Pujya Bapuji has millions of followers and initiated many projects to revive Santan Values and Upright moral characters. Under the guidance of Pujya Bapuji, 17000 Balsankars, 425 Ashrams and 50+ Gurukuls are running which are bringing profound changes in society. This did not go well with few bad elements of society who are conspiring defame Hindu saints and culture. By targeting true saints like Pujya Bapuji and his huge following, they are dreaming that they will wipe off Hinduism from India!!!

In spite of such a massive smear campaign, Media was surprised to see they could not shake the Pujya Bapuji's follower's faith towards his Guru. Every follower showed his anguish by taking to street protest and jail bharo andolan. This news was not covered by main stream media. 

Every sadhak should express his/her feelings openly to Media/Govt. and common public and raise your voice to stop atrocities on Hindu saints. Use this website as tool to express your anguish and views on recent allegations on Pujya Bapuji and we will publish on this website for public who got misled by Media. 

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Prepare: Prepare yourself to create a video of 5 mins. maximum (Ex. Name, Place, Work/Education, association with Pujya Bapuji and appeal to Public/Govt.) Prepare: Prepare yourself to create an audio of 5 mins. maximum. (Ex. Name, Place, Work/Education, association with Pujya Bapuji and your appeal to Public/Govt.) FACEBOOK:  You can put your experience as comments  at this post.
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Emails Submitted In English
An appeal to all Sadhak Brothers and Sisters

I am making this appeal when our Sadhgurudev Ji has been arrested in a false, fabricated and frivol...
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Pujya Bapuji Pranam

Pujya Bapuji Pranam
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It is very unfortunate that...

It is very unfortunate that Saints of Hindu religion are being dragged in the contraversy from last...
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Hindu Religion are being dragged in the controversy

It is very unfortunate that Saints of Hindu Religion are being dragged in the controversy from last...
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Emails Submitted In Hindi
वे जहाँ धर दे कदम वह राजपथ हैं

बादशाह हे मेरे बापू तो वेदांत के... कौन सा खेल उनसे खेलोगो..? वो हैं, तो तुम हो..
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Jaago Desh Ke Sapooto

ye bahut hi durbhagya hai hum sab bhakto ka ki hamare zinda rehte hamare gurudev ke saath un neech ...
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Bapuji hamesha se vipreet parisithiti mein margdarshak bann kar protsahan dete rhe hai.

Main 15 varsho se pujya bapuji ke sanidhya mein hu. Pujya bapuji ke margdarshan ke pashchat mera je...
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An appeal to all Sadhak Brothers and Sisters
An appeal to all Sadhak Brothers and Sisters

                                                                                                                                                      15th September.2013
An appeal to all Sadhak Brothers and Sisters
I am making this appeal when our Sadhgurudev Ji has been arrested in a false, fabricated and frivolous case of sexual assault.

Please get the connections to TV channels like AajTak, News 24, IBN 7, Times Now, India Today, Zee News etc. cut or do not pay for subscription of these channels and do the same for any other channel in which our guruji has been shown in bad light like calling him an “Alleged Rapist” when the case is not of rape or using derogatory words against his honor.If you cannot cut the connections of these channels please avoid seeing it.

Please unsubscribe newspapers like Hindustan Times, Times of India etc. or any other newspaper in which derogatory or foul words have been used for Bapuji.

Please ask your TV broadcasters to show channels like Sudharshan News and A2Z both of which are free to air which means you will not have to pay anything extra to see these channels.

Please ask the people who are well versed with internet and are asking questions about this or any past incident about Bapuji to watch or www.sudarshannews.comto get a glimpse of the real picture behind this conspiracy which has national and international connections.

Please tell the people that the real reason for this onslaught on our Dharma gurus and Acharyas is to weaken the base of Hinduism, Bhartiya Sanskriti and our holistic spiritual thinking. This is to cut our roots so that we move away from our gurus and they want to do this by one conspiracy after another.
We have to show that we are with our Gurudevji and Acharyas at all costs.

Please inform the public at large the social, international and economic reasons for these conspiracies.
    If valentine day which celebrated on the 14th Feb of every year is changed by Bapuji to “Matri Pitra Pujan Divas”, this means that India has arrived as a social force on the international arena and is ready to change the rules of social welfare and discourse.
    H.H. Asaramji  Maharaj (Bapuji) has uplifted the lives of thousands of tribals and backward communities of the country by informing them about the greatness of the Hindu religion and doing social service for them.This has put a full stop to the conversion industry of the church funded by the Vatican City. In its place Hindus who had converted earlier are coming back home in hordes, which is not liked by the authorities of the church.
    The economic reasons are very obvious now that sadhaks are using the products of ashram like toothpaste, shampoo, soap, oil, dhoop bati, agar bati and hundreds of Ayurvedic products etc.causing a huge monetary loss to the multinationals who want to capture the Indian market by hook or by crook.
    The other economic reason is that whosoever becomes a sadhak shuns or avoids tea, coffee, cold drinks,, cigarette, liquor, processed meat and other fast food. These products are mostly made by multinational brands that are losing a vast market share and a significant chunk of their profits as the sadhaks are avoiding these products. So in order to sell their products they want sadhaks to become non-sadhaks or non-believers. In order to achieve this nefarious design they implant false and frivolous stories and controversies on our Satgurus so that at least some people are weaned away from our Dharma gurus.

Please identify those individuals who have spoken ill about our Dharma gurus and be ready to teach them a lesson in their own language. Please see to it that these people in power at local, state or Centre who show disrespect to our Dharma and our Dharma gurus are not elected, re-elected or re-appointed. Please put all your efforts in this regard if you want to see a socially, politically and economically prosperous Hindustan.

Please tell the people about the emergency like situation prevailing in the media. The print or electronic media will only show those news which the people in power want to show with their own ulterior motives in mind for example when thousands of sadhaks were sitting on dharna pradarshan against the conspiracy to malign Bapuji by media for last 10 days at Jantar Mantar or how the Sadhaks were beaten up in Delhi, Jodhpur or other places, no news in this regard featured on any form of media except Sudarshan news channel.

Please inform the public about the atrocities done on Bapuji by the Rajasthan Police which treated him like a criminal waking him up around 12:15 AM in the night to arrest himand takinghim from the back door of the ashram. He was kept in the Indore airport even though the flight to Delhi was at 7.30AM and had to rest on a Sofa after putting newspaper onit, he was even not allowed to carry his personal belongings like asanaetc.Even at Delhi Airport he was not allowed to do his daily Puja, dhyan etc. which is a daily part of his life. Even criminal law allows for house/ashram arrest and there was no need to take him like this and put him in jail along with other prisoners. I may point out that politician Lalu Prasad Yadav was kept in a guesthouse when he was arrested in a corruption case. Even that decency was not shown to our Bapuji. His bail plea could have been taken on the end of the first day of his police custody but was postponed for the reason that the judicial papers have not been numbered and on the second day for want of time. This shows that the case was not taken in the right earnest. The case should have been taken as the first priority by the court as it is not a case of an individual but that of an institution who is loved, revered and respected like a bhagwan by crores of sadhaks. I would also want to ask the Rajasthan Police why potency test was done on Bapuji when the case was not of rape. This was done with the most unethical, immoral and ulterior motives. All the above mentioned acts of Rajasthan Police and Government will not be pardoned by the Hindu Society, sadhaks and the nation at large.

Please inform the people about the atrocities done on sadhaks in Jodhpur and Delhi.
    In Jodhpur, no one was allowed to enter the city if he/she had some signs that he/she belonged to the sadhak group of Bapuji. Thousands of sadhaks were beaten up mercilessly and asked to leave the city at the earliest for no rhyme or reason.
    The Jodhpur Ashram was evacuated by the police while there are no provisions for the same under any law. No explanation is available from the Police for this action of theirs. Sadhaks were asked to leave for their home against their wishes and were threatened, abused and beaten up when the protested against this treatment being given to them. Is the constitution of India applicable only for the rich, prosperous and those in power or for one and all? Ask this question to those in power and to the Judiciary of this country.
    Those sadhaks who reached Jodhpur were rounded up by police and kept in custody for hours without any justification. The police took away the mala, gomukhi of many sadhaks and also the lockets of Bapuji from their necks and bags and beat them up if they had any signs of being a sadhak on their bodies like tilak, mala, locket etc. of Bapuji. Is this the law of this country?  Are we living in medieval age or Aurangzeb era of Rajasthan? Where is the bureaucracy? Where is the judiciary? Where are the human rights groups who come forward to protect people like naxalites but not the common public which is so maltreated in this country of ours? My head hangs in shame that I have to live in this era of atrocious India where power hungry leaders can do anything for staying in power even if they have to do any wrong doings atrocious or illegal acts. Please ask the Rajasthan Govt. on whose instructions the “chotti” of Siva was pulled out. Is there Taliban Raj going out in Rajasthan? These acts will not be tolerated by any Hindu who loves his religion and also by any right thinking person.
    In Delhi on the night of 2nd September 2013, peaceful sadhaks were taking food around 9-10pm at Jantar Mantar. The police threw away food from their hands and thousands were taken to Parliament Street police station. There was no Lady police. Gents police were forcibly taking the women sadhaks by forcefully holding their hands, clothes, chunnis and sometimes even from their hair and were put in Parliament Street Police Station. This is against the ruling of the Supreme Court that no lady can be arrested without any lady police. They were beaten up there and no reason for the arrest was given. Thousands of sadhaks along with small children were put in the parliament street police station premises and were not allowed to drink water or have food and were not even allowed to use the toilets. On the next day in afternoon when the human right commissioner office was called Shri Prashar, Joint Registrar told us that he has spoken to the DCP of Parliament Street P.S. who has informed him that no one is arrested and that the people are sitting in the police station on their own. The question is why would thousands of Sadhaks will voluntarily go to a police station and how could they be allowed to enter if they had not been arrested and why were their essential necessities stopped. Some of these Sadhaks were in the police station for more than 18 hours.

I request that the Samitis take note of the wrong doings of print and electronic media, the high handedness of the police .They may take necessary legal recourse in the matter after taking legal opinion. 
Please inform the public at large about the untiring efforts put in by Bapuji for the upliftment of society physically, morally, socially and most importantly spiritually. Tell them the number of sadhaks associated with him are 3-4 crores in India and abroad, number of ashrams –425, number of gurukuls – 50, number of samitis – 1400, Number of Balsankar kendras 17000+ , number of goshalas 2, where more than 5000 cows are looked after, which otherwise would have been butchered for meat.

The monthly magazine Rishi Prasad has subscription of more than 16 lacs and lok Kalyan Setu has subscription of more than 2 lacs.

Please inform the public that this is the only place where no one is asked to pay a single rupee to attend a satsang. People come in thousands and lacs. This is the only place where no one is asked his religion,his caste and everyone is treated equally. When Bapuji ask people to raise their hand if they have benefitted from him, after becoming Sadhak, thousands hand are raised in affirmation.

If there is peace and tranquility in society it is because of Satsang of Bapuji and other spiritual guru’s and not because of political leadership which is deeply embedded in corruption and which is there to divide the society for their own gains.When Bapuji was asked in Jodhpur, before going to jail, what is your last message to your Sadhaks, he said very calmly, “Please maintain peace and have patience”. This is the greatness of a real saint, that he has maintained his Samta and Prasanta i.e. Equilibriumand happiness in every situation.  Even if noble peace prize is conferred on him, it will fall short of recognizing his contribution to peaceful and happy Indian and world society.


Yours brotherly


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