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Amarkirti News
Amarkirti News

 Saints Raise Campaign Against

Attacks on Indian Culture

   Saints have decided to raise voice against newspapers and TV Channels engaged in vilification of Indian culture. Exhorting the people of India, they said:

   Mahant Shri Ramaswarupdasji Maharaj, President Akhil Bhartiya Chatussampradaya Akhada Parishad: The great preceptor and spiritual discourser, Sant Sri Asaramji is always heard blowing the conch of Indian culture throughout the world. Why a vilification campaign has been set in motion against the same Sant Sri Asaramji by a cheap newspaper and equally cheap TV Channels is a question that requires to be probed in depth. By and large, most of the competent masters have been chosen for attack and it is because they are the ones who provide direction and strength to the nation.

   Brethren! The day you decide to stop watching these unscrupulous channels, they will meet immediate death. Your watching these channels alone sustains them.”

   Mahant Harigiriji Maharaj, Mahamantri Akhada Parishad: “Today we find in the media certain elements that are extremely selfish. Instead of playing in the hands of foreign powers, media should act in a non-partisan manner.”

   Mahamandaleshwar Shri Sunil Shastriji: “Why is it that Indian culture is being denigrated using media as a tool? The channels that vilify Indian culture or Sant Sri Asaramji Bapu should be boycotted. We should spit on the face of such stooges of foreign powers. Women should greet them by throwing chappals on their faces.”

 Conspiracy Exposed

   The endless chain of conspiracies being perpetrated for a long time against Param Pujya Sant Sri Asaramji Bapu by a gang of intriguers supported by traitors who have been spending crores of rupees to malign Indian culture was exposed on A2Z News Channel. The truth of the conspiracies being perpetrated by enemies of Indian culture against Pujya Bapuji, who is doing all within his reach to spread the invaluable message of Indian culture throughout the world, was revealed in a sting operation wherein Raju Lambu, who had been expelled from the Ashram, unwittingly gave details of the nefarious activities of his gang before the spy camera. 

   Raju Chandak alias Raju Lambu was burning with hatred and envy after being expelled from the Ashram because of his self-willed and indecent behaviour. Consequently he hatched a horrendous conspiracy against the Ashram. To give effect to the conspiracy, he had been proceeding in a well-planned manner from the year 2005 itself. In furtherance of his malicious intent, he associated with other people expelled from the Ashram and formed a gang of such people.

   This gang of schemers made use of newspapers, TV Channels and advocates to carry out its plans. The gang had the evil intention of extorting money from the Ashram by way of repeated threats. Faced with failure of their wicked plans, they colluded with anti-Hindu elements and set in motion a series of diabolical attempts at shaking people's faith in Pujya Bapuji.

   These people made extensive use of the media in order to tarnish the spanking image of Pujya Bapuji and the Ashram in the eyes of the society; to malign the Ashram and the Gurukuls and to initiate or get initiated false legal cases against the Ashram. Raju, who used the media as a tool in this unholy drive, says, “Media people are kids. Whatever you give to the media, the media will publish it as a scandal. Their sole intention is to increase T. R. P.”

   The circulation and T. R. P. of such newspapers and channels ultimately comes down. The newspapers and TV Channels that provide a platform to such people should now open their eyes.

   The intentions of the conspirers are so foul that they are doing everything in their power to destroy the very existence of the Ashram and are spending money like water to that end. Raju is just a part of this anti-national gang. Who are the people providing these anti-national, anti-social, anti-religion and anti-culture conspirers with fabricated stories? Now such people stand exposed before the people of Gujarat as also before the country at large.

   Another mastermind of the sinister campaign was Amrit Prajapati, a Vaidya by profession who had crossed all limits of depravity. His dirty mind was unveiled by the false and fabricated allegations of moral turpitude he levelled against Pujya Bapuji. To further his nefarious designs, he produced a Burka-clad woman before the media and made her level false, imaginary and baseless allegations  
against Pujya Bapuji. But later, in the course of police interrogation he admitted that the Burka-clad woman was none other than his own wife. Raju's utterances captured in the sting operation too corroborate this fact.

   Exposing another front-runner of the vilification campaign, the so-called Aghori, Raju said before the hidden camera, “In the evening, the Aghori told me that he wanted liquor for offering it to the Divine Mother. I provided him liquor everyday for five days and waited on him from morning till evening. He asked for the services of a prostitute also.” Further in the course of his conversation he also revealed the fact that he had arranged a sum of 40000 rupees to be given by a political party to the sorcerer who wears black clothes.

   One Mahendra Chawla too was presented before the media to make false allegations against Shri Narayan Sai. Revealing this, Raju Lambu offered to the TV anchor, “We have made Mahendra Chawla worth crores of rupees. We will get you so much publicity that you too will get crores of rupees.”

   Raju Lambu also revealed before the hidden camera the names of important members of his gang - Dinesh, Mahendra Chawla, Avin Verma, Vina Chauhan, Amrit Prajapati, Devendra etc. People of this country and particularly Sadhakas need to beware of such enemies of the society. Such people should be interrogated and exposed before the society.

   In spite of the conspiracies perpetrated by these people to shake people's faith, the number of people gathering to listen to Pujya Bapuji is breaking all records and gives an affectionate advice to the conspirers, 'Take a clue from this at least and let wiser sense prevail on you.'

   It is worth mentioning that once Pundit Madan Mohan Malviya placed his hand on Pundit Nehru's shoulder and pointing towards the mammoth gathering that had collected on the Kumbha festival, he said, “Look Nehru! India is a predominantly religious country. Whoever tries to shake the faith of the people of this country will be destroyed by the people.”

   Indians can tolerate a lot many things but they cannot tolerate attacks on their faith. Whoever has tried to do it has been made to bite dust. The faith of people in saints and great personages of Indian culture has remained unshakeable. 

   Faruq Mohammad, a Muslim social journalist of Surat (Gujarat) writes, “I have seen with my own eyes that in the Ashram the message given is that of love, selfless service, Bhakti and peace. It is difficult to fool even thousands but Bapu has cast a spell on three to four crores of people.”

   - R. C. Mishra

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