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22 Aug 12

 Hari Om

I have a lot to say as i experiance miracles in daily life with garace of Bapuji. Here I will share the importance of shubh sankalpa.

With satsang of bapuji i had realised to pray for increse in bhakti instaed of material. So it starts as follow

I got married in May 2010 I was living in Lybia my wife joined me in libya in novemeber 2010. during that time there was a lot of miss spreadings about pujya bapuji so my wife was little in that influence. i just took a break and asked her not to question my faith and be quite. later after libya revolution we came out of mess without any harm with grace of baouji and moved to dubai. 

In dubai there are facilities like internet and TV. so i started playing satsang vedios and bhajans from you tube. And i asked her to do Shri asaramayan path (108) to make my wish come true. my wish was that bapuji will show her sign to build faith. ( i didn't tell her my wish) after completion of 108 path on Bapuji's avataran Divas this year 2012. I played live vedio of aarti of bapuji the time aarti started whole room was filled with devine smell of jyoti and gochandan dhup it seemed like eithr we are in pandal or viaspeeth is in our room. this was a miracle and gave my wife a sign that created faith and desire to follow bapuji.

from then we listen satsang every day and following all vedios on youtube.

we planned to go to india in eid holidays to take diksha. but there was no schedule of satsang during that time. So my wife startes Shri asaramayan path (108) with a sankalapa to take diksha. on 15 aug 2012 we landed in India and took diksha in Badaun (UP) on 17th august and were able to meet swami sureshanandji and above all Bapuji in person on Aug 19, 2012 in Roorkee.

This way she also joined me hand in hand in devine journey. 

Satguru Bhagwan Ki Jai

Amit & Monika



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