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Japa, meditation and meritorious acts give 86,000 fold fruit. – Padma Purana
(From sunrise to 12.34 p.m.)
This vrata gives success in all works. It gives pleasure, sense enjoyments and moksha.

(From sunrise to 7.54 p.m.)
Purnima Upavas, Annapurna Jayanti, Tripura Bhairavi Jayanti, Rohini Vrat
Margashirsha Purnima

 This Vrata is the destroyer of great sins and fulfiller of desires. Pitris fallen in lower species could be emancipated by giving the merit of this Vrata to them. Reading and hearing of its glories gives the merit of a Vajapeya Yajna.
Mokshada Ekadashi

(From sunrise to 9.52 a.m.)

Champa Shashthi,