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Rashtriya Vigyan Diwas
Dwapara Yugadi Tithi

Mahashivaratri Vrata: Night vigil and worship of Shiva (Midnight from 12.27 to 1.16) (The first period (Prahara) begins at 6.41 pm, the second at 9.46 pm, the third at 12.52 am, 25th February, and the fourth at 3.57 am 25th February). One who worships Lord Shiva, keeps night vigil, keeps fast and
observes the Shivaratri Vrata is not born again (in this world) – Skanda Purana. There is no Vrata for destroying sins and fear, like Shivaratri – Shiva Purana.

Vijaya Ekadashi: Those, who observe this Vrata get success in this world and get the inexhaustible other world (i.e. they live permanently in heaven.)

Samarth Ramdas Navami
Chhatrapati ShivaJi Jayanti
Fourth lunar day falling on Tuesday (From sunrise to 5.51 a.m. 15th February), Parents’ Worship day.
Fourth lunar day falling on Tuesday
Vishnupadi Sankranti (Meritorious period: From 12.53 p.m. to sunset) (Japa, meditation and meritorious acts done on this day give lakh-fold fruit.– Padma Purana)
(Meritorious period: From 12.53 p.m. to sunset)