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(A man fasting on this day never suffers from the torments of the world of Yama. It removes sins and gives heaven and salvation. This vow gives health to the body, a beautiful wife, sons, wealth and friends.) One who observes this Vrata emancipates 10 generations on his mother’s side, 10 on his father’s side and 10 on his wife’s side.
 Whole day is auspicious Muhurta. Muhurta for victory (from 2.23 pm to 3.16 pm) (for making good resolve, beginning new task, crossing the border to enter the enemy’s territory to gain victory over him), (for worshipping Guru, worshipping weapons, Shami tree and vehicles)
Sharadiya Navaratra
(21st through 29th September)
54th Self-realization Day of Pujya Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu

Japa, meditation and virtuous deeds performed on this day give eighty six thousand fold fruit. - Padma Purana
This Vrata destroys great sins. It emancipates even departed ancestors from lower species.