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The person who observes this gets his wish fulfilled. A person, on hearing about the glory of this vrata enjoys happiness in this world and goes to heaven.
Lokmanya Tilak Punyatithi
Lokmanya Tilak Punyatithi

Seventh lunar day falling on Sunday. (From sunrise to 8.07 am), Sant Tulsidas Jayanti

Sant Tulsidas Jayanti

Amavasyant Shravan Masarambh
Ravi Pushyamrita Yoga (from 9.53 am to 24th July sunrise)
(from 9.53 am to 24th July sunrise)

(from 9.50 pm to 12.19 pm 22nd July.) (Japa of Om gives imperishable results.)

(from 9.50 pm to 12.19 pm 22nd July)

The person who, after staying awake at night, observes the Kamika Ekadashi vow, does not see the fearful Yama, or does not face a calamity.