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The New Year Day (in Gujarat): Bali Pratipada (The whole day is auspicious and hence fit for all sorts of pious and momentous activities. This day grants success in all works.)

Bali Pratipada

Deepavali: Japa, Tapa (austerities), meditation, devotional practices done during the night becomes infinitely more fruitful.)

Narak Chaturdashi: Doing Japa of a mantra during the evening Sandhya and night gives Mantra Siddhi (the mantra is perfected). 

 Dhan Teras: (One who presents a lamp at the entrance of his household is saved from the fear of an untimely death.)

Rama Ekadashi: (This Vrat destroys huge sins. It is like the
desire-yielding gem or cow that fulfils all one’s wishes.), Brahmaleen Shri Ma Mahangiba’s Mahanirvan Day

Rama Ekadashi

Ravi Pushyamrit Yog (from sunrise to 8:40 p.m.)

From sunrise to 8:40 p.m.

पूण्यकालः सूर्योदय से दोपहर 12-24 तक

पूण्यकालः सूर्योदय से दोपहर 12-24 तक
 Kartik Snanarambh