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Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak Punyatithi

Kamika Ekadashi: One, who stays awake at night and observes the Kamika-Ekadashi Vrata, does neither see the dreadful Yama, nor face a calamity and gets the fruit of donating the entire earth. This Ekadashi removes all sins. And just by remembering it one obtains the fruit of having performed a Vajapeya sacrifice.

Removes all sins.

Bhudhwari Ashtmi:  Eighth lunar day falling on a Wednesday. (From sunrise to 3:33 p.m.)

From sunrise to 3:33 PM
Sawan Begins,  * North
Guru Purnima: Having Darshan and performing mental worship of the Guru gives the fruits of observing all Vratas and festivals of the year. “Rishi Prasad” Jayanti (anniversary)
sunrise - 10:16 AM
Devashayani Ekadashi. Observance of this highly meritorious Vrata destroys all sins, and gives heaven and liberation. It marks the beginning of the Chaturmasa Vrata.