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Milk porridge made from Chhuara (a type of date)
Milk porridge made from Chhuara (a type of date)

 Milk porridge made from Chhuara (a type of date)

How to prepare: Soak 1-3 sweet chhuara overnight. Remove the seeds in the morning. Take a bowl of  milk, with little water, mashed chhuara and rock sugar, boil them together. Porridge is ready!

Benefits: This porridge enhances the blood level in the body, nourishes the muscles, hair follicles and enhances immunity. Tuberculosis, dry cough, dehydration, etc. and many other ailments can be prevented in children. If pregnant women take this regularly from their third month, it nourishes the womb greatly. For malnourished children or expectant mothers, this porridge is like ambrosia.


- Lok Kalyan Setu Nov' 2013


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