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Indian traditional values better than buffet system

"Indian traditional values better than buffet system"

Nowadays, in all occasions like weddings and parties, people have imbibed the culture of taking food in standing posture.But in our scriptures, it has been mentioned that we should always take food while in seated posture. The harmful effects of eating in standing position and benefits of eating in seated position are explained below.

Harmful effects of eating in upright standing posture
Benefits of eating in seated posture
1. This behavior is attributed to demons. So, it is also known as demoniac eating technique.

1. This is the godly manner of eating.

2. It puts stress on stomach, feet, intestines and can lead to many stomach ailments like gas, indigestion, constipation, poor appetite and knee joint pain, back aches, etc.. Constipation is often the root cause of many diseases.

2. Due to optimal positioning of feet, stomach and intestines, none of them are stressed.
3. It weakens the digestive system and can eventually lead to many ailments associated with a weak digestive tract.

3. It strengthens the digestive system and helps easily digest the food taken.

4. It puts undue stress on the heart and even lead to many heart ailments.

4. Heart does not get stressed in this posture.
5. As one is wearing footwear like shoes and slippers, all the heat in the body is concentrated at the feet. This prevents digestive system from receiving the entire body heat.

5. As per Ayurveda, feet should be cold during meals. This assists in energising the digestive system. Along similar lines, India has the customs of washing hands and feet before meals.

6. To avoid getting in queue repeatedly, one fills the plate excessively. This either leads to over-consumption which can be the cause of many diseases or may lead to insulting the food as it goes waste.
6. In traditional serving system, there is a server who distributes as per individual needs. Taking food in correct quantities helps maintain a healthy body and also does not end up insulting the food.

7. The plate on which food is kept must always be pure. But using impure, dirty hands to refill the plate means that the food becomes impure. One who serves such food drains away his virtues and also leads to fickleness in the person who consumes it.

7. The food server is different from those taking meals. This ensures that no impure hands are used in handling the meal. The food remains clean and pure and also the meal will eventually offer satisfaction and peace to the person having it.

8. Taking meals in a crowded and noisy environment leads to tiredness and lack lustre mood. Mind also gets filled in with the culture of such noisy ambience.

8. Taking meals in a quiet environment offers peace to the mind. It prevents any feeling of tiredness or lack lustre mood swings.

-Rishi Prasad April 2014




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