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Heart ailments, angina pain, high cholesterol or high blood pressure, even these diseases can be treated using the harmless procedure of Homeopathic treatment!!!

Let’s learn some of them.....

Homeopathic treatment is beneficial towards healing numerous heart diseases. It offers rapid relief from heart ailments like high blood pressure, hyper-cholesterol and arrhythmia.  It is a safe process made using traditional elements and processes. They almost never have any side effects and also eliminate any risk of intoxication.

Homeopathic treatment for heart diseases:

Homeopathy plays a leading role in halting heart diseases and providing relief to a patient who has recently suffered a heart attack. Homeopathic medicines regulate the heart functioning and cure for numerous reasons which can lead to a heart attack like high cholesterol, high pressure. But during a serious heart attack never forget to undertake the emergency treatment.

Cure for high cholesterol

Homeopathic medicines not only cure high cholesterol, but also regulate Atherosclerosis which is responsible for blockages and heart attacks.

Homeopathic medicines use Sumbul, Strophanthus, Strontium Carb. which are effective in reducing blood cholesterol. Of all the medicines, some of them are exclusively famous for controlling the cholesterol in certain heart vessels. These include Crataegus, Aurum Met., Baryta Carb. and Calcarea Carb.

Homeopathy works best with control of diet and body, so one should also maintain a proper exercise regime along with the medicines. Changes in the medication are often carried out only after repeat measurement of heart cholesterol. With the effectiveness of the medicines, the dosage level of medicines is gradually reduced. Often, the choice of medication is based on observable attributes or at a personal experience level only.

Cure for high blood pressure

The medicines used for the curing the blood pressure

The treatment for patients with high blood pressure is also dependent on any previous allopathic or homeopathic treatments in progress undertaken earlier.

Some of these medicines like Aurum met, Belladonna, Calcarea Carb., Glonoine, Lachesis, Nat.Mur., Nux Vom., Phos., and Plb.Met. are included.

All those who use allopathic medicines for curing high blood pressure like beta blockers, calcium, chain blockers, acid inhibitors, etc. usually find it difficult to undertake isolated treatment for a long time without a parallel homeopathic treatment. As a result, if has been often observed that along with allopathic high blood pressure medicines, doctors sometimes also prescribe homeopathy like  Rauwolia, Allium Sativum, Pssiflora, Baryta Mur., Adrenalin, Belladonna,Glonoine, Gelsemium. These are often found highly beneficial for patients.



Excellent tablet for good health: Homeo Power Care
Benefits of Homeo Power Care tablet:
•    Boosts the immune systems; keeps the body healthy by protecting against diseases.
•    Capable of eradicating all diseases.
•    Helps in physical growth and in regeneration of damaged cells.
•    Increases stamina and vitality of the sick and the.
Special Indications:-

•    Miraculous benefits to patients suffering from deadly diseases like AIDS, Cancer, Tuberculosis, etc.
•    Highly beneficial to the ailing and the weak.
•    An excellent tonic for pregnant women and lactating mothers.
•    Good for intellectuals, manual workers, and the aged.

Dosage : Suck one tablet thrice a day.

Available at all Sant Shri Asharamji Ashrams, and service centres of Samitis.
Contact no.(079)39877713.


Homeo Tulsi Pills

Hectic and busy modern life doesn’t give people enough time to consume Tulsi ceremonially as described in scriptures. Therefore, keeping this point in min, ashram has manufactured tiny sweet homeopathic pills, Homeo-Tulsi Pills(Useful in many diseases)
Made from Tulsi grown in the holy environment of the Ashram.

Its regular use gives miraculous benefits in the following diseases:

•    It increases memory power and improves digestion.
•    Heart-disease, bronchial asthma, hiccups, toxicosis, cold and acute coryza caused by change of weather, breathlessness, anaemia, dental disorders and skin diseases; in addition to this; it gives good results in headaches and diseases of genitourinary system also.
•    It destroys leprosy, urinary disorders and blood disorders. It strengthens the heart, liver and stomach.
•    It helps in irritability of children, chronic-fevers, lethargy and burning sensation.
•    It helps in rheumatism, diabetes mellitus, sexual debility, catarrah, headache, epilepsy, worm infestation, laryngitis.
•    It controls body weight according to the built of the person. It reduces the weight of obese persons and increases the weight of thin persons.
•    It is beneficial to persons of all age groups, sick and healthy.
•    It decreases Kapha and Vata humors. People having Pitta type constitution should dissolve two tablets in half a cup of water and take in the morning and evening to get its benefits.
In addition to this; it is extremely beneficial in many diseases; for their detailed information see the leaflet enclosed with the pills.

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