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The Pumpkin- full of medicinal properties

The Pumpkin- full of medicinal properties

Pumpkins become ripe in winter. Ripe pumpkins are sweet, oleaginous and cool; they alleviate the three Doshas, particularly Pitta. Pumpkin sharpens the intellect and is good for the heart. It gives strength. It is semen promoting. It detoxifies the body.
Pumpkin gives strength to the mind. It is a sedative. It induces sleep due to its hypnotic effect. Therefore it is highly useful in mental diseases like schizophrenia, epilepsy, dementia, insomnia, irritability, mental derangement, agitation, depression, unbalanced state of mind and mental debility. It improves retentive memory and makes one mentally stable. It enhances the brain’s ability to acquire and retain knowledge. The mind becomes calm as restlessness, irritability and sleeplessness wane.
Pumpkin strengthens the blood vessels and cardiac muscles. It stimulates blood formation. It is a laxative. It helps in evacuation of bowels and relieves flatulence thus cures constipation. It is cool in effect and haemostatic. Therefore it helps in haemorrhagic conditions like epistaxis , vaginal bleeding, hematuria, and rectal bleeding. Pumpkin taken in the form of juice, avaleha or cooked vegetable is useful in pitta related diseases like burning sensation, excessive thirst, hyperacidity, piles, chronic fever etc.
Pumpkin is useful in tuberculosis. It heals the pulmonary lesions and consequently the haemoptysis disappears. One gets relief in fever and burning sensation and gains in body strength.
Consumption of cereals, vegetables and fruits grown with chemical fertilizers, and allopathic drugs cause accumulation of toxic substances in the body. It is one of the major causes of cancer. Cow’s milk, curds, and pumpkin detoxify such toxic substances.

Medicinal uses.
1.    In mental disorder, give pumpkin juices with one gram Yashtimadhu (Glycyrrhiza glabra) powder.
2.    Take pumpkin juice mixed with old gur to destroys toxins accumulated in the body.
3.    Take pumpkin juice mixed with sugar candy in disorders caused by excessive Pitta.
4.    Take pumpkin juice mixed with a pinch each of asaofetida and Yavakshar (Horduem vulgare ash)in case of renal stones.
5.    Take pumpkin juice mixed with juice of Adusa(Adhatoda vasica)in case of tuberculosis.
6.    Prepare halua(by frying boiled pumpkin in ghee).Add kernels of the pumpkin seeds to it. Consumption of this halua gives strength and sharpens intellect.
7.    Roasted pumpkin meshed and mixed with curd increases appetite.
8.    If you are tired, take pumpkin juice mixed with rock salt to get refreshed instantly.
           The quantity of pumpkin juice in all the above mentioned medicinal uses should be 20 to 50 ml.


Unripe pumpkin aggravates the three Doshas. Old(stale)pumpkin is hard to digest. Its fat fibres remain stuck up in the intestines. Therefore one should not take unripe and old pumpkin. People with old constitutional nature should not take pumpkin much. To reduce its cooling effect, it should b cooked putting oil or ghee heated with fenugreek.
*Nowadays Oxytocin injections are used to increase the weight and size of pumpkins. Such pumpkin does more harm than good. If possible, grow pumpkins in your own courtyard. It can be grown in a pot of 24 inched circumference with natural manures.

The strength- giving pumpkin seeds

Benefits: In beneficial effects, pumpkin seeds are equal to cashew nuts. They are nutritious, strength giving, semen-promoting, brain tonic, tranquilizer and vermicide.
Method of use: Grind the seeds and take a spoonful of the powder mixed with milk. It nourishes the body. Being hard to digest, it should not be taken in excessive quantities.

Laddoos of pumpkin seeds for the winter:   

Benefits: It increases weight, strength, blood-formation, semen formation and sharpens intellect.
Method of use: Take the kernel s out of pumpkin seeds. Roast the kernel for a little while and then grind them to a fine powder. Fry it on an iron pan in ghee till it becomes red. Mix it with thick syrup of sugar candy and make small laddoos(balls) of the mixture. It should be taken with proper mastication. The quantity recommended for children is one laddoo and for adult 2-3 laddoos.
A comparative chart of nutrition facts of pumpkin and cashew nuts:
Pumpkin seeds                          Cashew nuts
Energy   584             596
    Kilocalories%        Kilocalories%
Calcium 50mg%            50mg%
Iron       5.5mg%            5.8mg%
Other minerals 4.7 grams%     2.4 grams %
Proteins 24.3 grams%     2.1 grams

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Excellent information, but pumpkin and its seed
Created by Sanjay Shah in 5/22/2013 10:06:36 AM
This is nice synopsis about Pumpkin. NIce to know that it is tri-dosh nashak. Also the recepie is good for children.
Excellent Article
Created by Gorakh Sharma in 11/20/2012 5:20:04 PM
It provides vital info for the general public.It is a good thing to promote Ayurved
Excellent Article
Created by Gorakh Sharma in 11/20/2012 4:34:05 PM
It provides vital info for the general public.It is a good thing to promote Ayurved
Excellent Article
Created by Gorakh Sharma in 11/20/2012 4:31:19 PM
It provides vital info for the general public.It is a good thing to promote Ayurved


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