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When discussing hurricanes as types of natural disasters, it is necessary to mention that most hurricanes fall under description of ‘natural depression’, i.e. they literally provoke surface circulation in very heavy winds (up to 74 mph). Most hurricanes are usually compared and contrasted with tropical storms and tropical depressions. The latter are distinguished by their location (predominantly in tropical countries) and by the organized system of thunderstorms with less wind speed (less than 40 mph, which is half less intense compared to the hurricane).

Therefore, although hurricanes are compared with depressions, both the storms and depressions are merely controlled while hurricanes are very difficult to manage and to control in most of the locations where they take place. Therefore, there are two basic informational messages that the individual receives before the hurricane takes place: hurricane watch and hurricane warning.

Hurricane watch is a warning about the possible hurricane that may take place in less than 36 but more than 24 hours. People usually get enough time to think and react to the information they had received. Hurricane warning is already a serious warning about the one that may occur in time period of less than 24 hours from the moment that the messages gets live and online.

The research that has been conducted within the given parameters and the data shown that the person needs to acquire knowledge about the hurricane prior to taking any actions in the rescue team. Due to the fact that there are different types of hurricane by its strength, the most difficult question is when the disaster is happening, what are the best options related to the specific type of the hurricane.

The study took the experiment under a typical two-category hurricane, which usually takes place in most tropical and warm regions in the world. These hurricanes occur so frequently that many people have already got used to their presence in different times of the year. As Emergency Management Agency implies, the two-category hurricane does not provide significant damage to the people and property. However, the primary concern for the hurricane is still saving people’s lives. This has been the primary focus during the research. The reason behind it lies in the fact that if it is not severe to the property, the property will not destroy people. However, the wind speed of more than 96 mph presents serious danger to the life of an individual.

Finally, making inferences and conclusions about my behavior during the simulation under this research, it is important to state that even the two-category hurricane turned out to be a true challenge for all people who were related to that, including me. As for now, I cannot say that I did well saving more than 20 people during the storm. However, the efficiency of all my actions is supported by that fact that I did not have to stop for a single minute. I believe the priority of human life that has been set and the organized movements from the epicenter of the hurricane to the safer places helped me create the right route to save people. This has also helped me use the same route when dealing with the aftermath of the hurricane.

About the author: Jessica Sanders is a bachelor in English philology and sociology at California University. Jessica is currently working as one of the best writers at the struggle to be an all-american girl She also studies feminine psychology.

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