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Elements of a High Performance Organization

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Elements of a High Performance Organization

Leveraging strategic capability of IT and organizational structure, which would contribute to high performance teams and developing a learning organization, is of great importance for Google Inc. The aim of the company to attain success and progress as well as occupy leading positions in the business world determine the need of leveraging strategic capability of IT. Thus, the company faces a strong need in implementing more steps which would stimulate high performance teams. Hence, it is necessary to regard two directions: structural and learning, which are expected to be performed simultaneously in order to sustain duality of the set aims.

Structural direction is responsible for organizational changes. Strategic IT and organizational structure will need to constantly change in order to find the best approach to the company's structuring, which sustains and develops team performance. Strategic IT plays an important role in this process: due to the fact that Google Inc. is computer-based, strategic planning of the IT department has to be the most essential aim. In order to create and direct the IT department functioning, it is necessary to find tools which would contribute to the implementation of innovations.

According to Gulati, Puranam & Tushman (2012), strategic planning of an organization in its essential area of functioning is crucial, since it represents the main pushing mechanism for the company's evolution and constant development. In addition to this, the authors are convinced that the key role in this process belongs to strategic capability IT possesses. The innovative technologies will have to contribute to the overall increase in the company's development.

Quinn & Strategy (2013) support the idea expressed by Gulati, Puranam & Tushman (2012) and claim that under the proper governance of strategic capabilities of IT, the organization is able to succeed and thrive only in case when permanent educational measures are implemented. This aim is easy to achieve in conditions of constant training of employees. This approach manifests itself in a series of educational measures, such as long-term trainings, seminars, and experience-sharing business trips. Since the world of IT technologies is currently experiencing rapid growth, it is necessary to be always up-to-date. Thus, educational events will have to take an active part.

The constant change in the structure has an aim of trying and checking the best approaches, which result in the best working outcomes of teams and permanent learning measures. Consequently, it will have to develop and stimulate work results and introduce innovations.

Having these two directions interconnected helps create a versatile organization whose aim is to achieve the best performance. This factor will contribute to evolving of innovations, which, in their turn, will attract new clients and users. This is expected to result in the benefits increase. The development of this chain is going to contribute to the employees of Google Company: their motivation and desire to contribute to the company.

About the author: Isabella Jones is a master in English philology and philosophy at California University. Isabella is currently working as one of the best writers at the health care argumentative essay topics She also studies feminine psychology.

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