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Cyber Security

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Cyber Security

Cyber security has been a priority for the US government due to the associated risks. The following essay analyzes the CIA triangle and the United States government’s efforts in developing cyber-offense strategies. The analysis will show that the CIA triangle can aid the United States adopt effective offensive strategies.

The CIA triangle is an information security model that is devoted to developing cyber security policies. It represents the criteria used to measure the effectiveness of an information system. The components of the triangle are confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Confidentiality relates to privacy and involves preventing access to and use of private information by unauthorized personnel (Kesh and Ratnasingam 106). Mechanisms such as data encryption, use of passwords, and biometrics guarantee confidentiality. Integrity refers to the maintenance of the accuracy and trustworthiness of the data in the information resource (Kesh and Ratnasingam 105). Availability refers to the consistent access to the information resource. The information system should always enable one to retrieve the information when needed.

The US government has embraced more offensive cyber security policies in order to remain competitive in the cyberspace. Prior to 2013, the cyber warfare policies were aimed at securing the US computer systems and not at attacking those of its enemies (Lyngaas). However, the offensive cyber operations (OCO) doctrine presented to the public in 2014 embraced a more offensive approach. The US government plans to declassify more operations and strategies to encourage participation from other information security stakeholders (Lyngaas). The declassification process will ensure more public debate and will, consequently, lead to the designing of more efficient cyber security strategies. Strong ideas and clarity of operations should guarantee the existence of progressive and offensive cyber operations to neutralize the external threats.

In conclusion, the CIA triangle can aid the United States government in its course of developing cyber-offense strategies. The three pillars of the model can form the background of the process. The combination would strengthen the country’s status as a cyber-security stronghold.

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