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Emotional Wellness

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Emotional Wellness

A stressor is anything that causes emotional pressure on someone. The three stressors in my life include family, social life, and academic life that are explained below.

The family becomes a source of stress when I have strained relationships with parents and/or siblings. Separating parents or parents who argue a lot have a direct negative effect on the children. Constant fighting with siblings also increases stress levels. In case of death or illness in the family, one may feel sorrowful due to the fear of losing a loved one. The physical responses to family stressors include isolation from family members where one may decide to move away. One may choose to engage in drugs that act as a scapegoat. Emotional responses to this stressor include crying where one’s only solution could be crying. Hatred can also be another emotional response.J Joshua said, “Have I not commanded you?  Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go”. One’s spiritual growth and development may depreciate due to the inability to visit their place of worship; even if they attend church, they have a low concentration on the teachings.

The second stressor that one may face is the social life. This can be brought about by peer pressure as one tries to fit in a particular peer group. One is faced with the stress of trying to prove themselves to their peers. Also, relationships bring about social pressures. Physically, one may respond to social pressures by following the current dress code even if it does not please him/her. One may also change the character to conform to the group’s expectation even when one is not proud of this new character. Emotionally, one may experience heartbreaks due to rejections from the peer group or the partner. Fear of loneliness may be experienced as one tries to associate with a certain group. One may engage in activities prohibited by the spiritual belief thus hindering personal spiritual growth.

The third stressor is the academic pressures that may be brought about by high expectations, fear of failure, examinations, or inability to get into a good college. Often one forgets that John said, “Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, trust also in me”. Physically, one can get involved in notorious activities as they try to overcome academic pressures. Some of these notorious activities include taking drugs, violence, and breaking the school rules. One may also become a bookworm. Embarrassment is one of the emotional responses that one may have. A person may feel ashamed to let others know their grades. Engaging in notorious activities and always being fearful of the future goes against all spiritual teachings hence hindering spiritual growth.

The potential long-term effects of both psychological and emotional responses to these stressors include drug addiction, backsliding spiritually, low self-esteem, and hating the idea of marriage and family. Many who turn to drugs to escape their emotional and psychological problems become addicted. Low spiritual growth drives one away from their spiritual life thus leading to backsliding. Low self-esteem may be brought about by embarrassment and heartbreaks caused by these stressors. One may hate the idea of marriage and family after seeing one’s parents’ marriage break, which leads to the disintegration of the whole family. This may cause one to vow never to get married or start a family.

There are several techniques and strategies used to manage the abovementioned stressors. They include three cognitive and two relaxation techniques. The three cognitive techniques include: prioritizing and letting go, building oases, and using probability. More topics about this check on

Prioritizing and letting go should be used when you have got a lot of tasks at the same time. The task arises the level of our stress also rises to meet the high demand but when you prioritize some of the tasks, most of the important tasks are solved first without strain. Building an oasis is used when as a cognitive technique to manage stress mostly when you feel your mind is wandering and getting caught up in stressful thoughts. It just involves you stepping away from where you are and taking a walk.

Using probability is another important and strong way to manage stress. It works in this way by asking yourself what is the probability that something wrong will happen. The probability is usually low. It is mostly applicable when you are being pressurized by so many things.

One of the relaxation techniques is the breathing meditation. Deep breathing being the cornerstone of other relaxation practices is easy to learn, can be done anywhere, and is a fast way of reducing your stress level. You only require a few minutes and a place to relax.

The second relaxation technique is progressive muscle relaxation. It involves two stages that are one systematically tenses and relaxes different muscle groups in the body. It gives complete relaxation by helping you spot and hinders the initial signs of the muscular tension that is associated with stress. It allows both your body and mind to relax.

In conclusion, the three stressors can be dealt with either by the cognitive or the relaxation technique.

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