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best memory foam mattress

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best memory foam mattress

Both memory foam and latex mattresses are durable options. Latex, however, lasts longer than memory foam but costs a lot more. Because of its ability to bounce back to its original form immediately after compression, Latex rarely sags or indents.

This helps keep it firm and supportive longer than any other mattress type. Memory foam of higher density, on the other hand, lasts just as long as latex or even longer when manufactured right.

To enjoy this benefit, you are looking at a memory foam density of over 5 lbs.  Of course, the higher the density the more money you’ll pay for memory foam. But it’s well worth it for the longer life.

Averagely, latex tends to last up to 8years, while memory foam lasts between 6 and 7 years. Of course, taking care of your mattress, like regularly rotating or flipping it will help make it last longer.

best memory foam mattress 


 5- Price Comparison

When it comes to price, memory foam is cheaper than latex. For example, a good queen memory foam bed averages $900 while the same averages $2000 for a latex brand.

That’s a considerable difference in price. This can be explained by the fact that latex is more expensive to produce. Natural latex mattresses are even more expensive because the material is harder to produce.

They are, however, more durable and have many valuable benefits.Memory foams, on the other hand, afford similar if not better benefits and cost way less.

Again, when it comes to a choice between the two, it will all depend on your preference and budget.

Weighted blankets are not only being used in bed, but people are using them on the couch or after a long tough day. According to extensive studies, touch is extremely healing.

best weighted blanket

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