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Divine Answers from a Benign Heart

Question: Who is the Supreme well-wisher (friend)?

Answer: God.

Question: Which is the Supreme Knowledge?

Answer: Self-knowledge.

Question: Which is the biggest power?

Answer: The power of Truth.

Question: Which is the greatest virtue?

Answer: Altruism.

Question: Which is the most genuine relationship?

Answer: That between the Soul and the Supreme Soul.

Question: Which is the most selfless relationship?

Answer: That between the Sadguru and a worthy disciple.

Question: Which was the seed-mantra that emanated from

Krishna .s flute and captivated its listeners?

Answer: The seed-mantra kleem..

Question: How does one attain power and competence?

Answer: Through peace and meditation.

Question: What depletes power?

Answer: Worldly pleasures and sexual indulgence.

Question: What is the biggest dependence?

Answer: The biggest dependence is our inability to live without a thing or individual.

Question: Who is the biggest miser?

Answer: One who hankers after the world having no time for God is the biggest miser.

Question: Which is the most excellent music?

Answer: The Ajapa Gayatri.

Question: What is the method of practising Ajapa Gayatri?

Answer:Mental incantation of 'so' . during inhalation and 'ham'. during exhalation is called

Ajapa Gayatri. Not even a single breath should go unaccompanied by such incantation.

Question: Who is the greatest physician?

Answer: Fasting.

Question: When does man wake up?

Answer: When finding the worldly pleasures and luxuries to be worthless and trivial he

develops love for God.

Question: Which is the biggest form of Freedom (self-reliance)?

Answer:To be happy and satiated in one's own Self with no dependence on anybody else for

one's personal happiness is the biggest form of Freedom (self -reliance).

I have my beloved Lord in my heart,

whenever I wish,I can see Him..

(Read the complete article in Sept 2007 issue of Rishi Prasad)

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