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Divine Inspiration
Divine Inspiration

Divya Prerana Prakash (English)

The Secret of Eternal Youth
“Many good persons have been degraded by following the Freudian psychology, whereas many ordinary people have become great by following the Yoga psychology of Patanjali. ‘The Secret of Eternal Youth’ is a book based on the psychology of Rishi Patanjali. It must be read without fail. As you read this book, you will gradually get divine inspiration and light. You must not only read this book five times yourself but should also carry out the divine service of distributing it to others. This book provides moral understanding to the youths and helps them to get rid of their evil sex habits bringing about a divine transformation in their lives. So you too carry out the noble service of distributing this book to 2-5 people without fail. It will be considered a service to the nation and mankind as a whole, nay, to God Himself.”
What is the Highest Penance? What has been eulogized by the sages?
What is the source of zeal, prosperity and supernatural powers?
What is the prime source of strength & bliss?… Brahmacharya.

“Divine Inspiration” amply illuminates the path of protecting one’s youthful vigour, and opens the doorway to a divine life. Do utilize this book to your full benefit, and don’t forget to earn merits by distributing it among others for them to benefit from it as well.

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