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Following books are now available online. 

To place requests, please click on the "Add to Cart" button. Please view the items in your shopping cart by clicking here:
NOTE: The following products are available only in US. We do not ship to PO Boxes. Please provide full street address.  Also, please make sure that your minimum donation amount for each request is $10.00 to justify shipping charges.
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Item Name: Set of 25 books
Item Code: BKSet-2
Price: $30.00
Item Name: Complete set of 40 books
Item Code: BKSet-1
Price: $45.00
Item Name: Set of 15 books
Item Code: BKSet-3
Price: $20.00
Item Name: Arogyanidhi
Item Code: BK001-Arogya
Price: $3.00


Item Name: Arogyanidhi Part - 2
Item Code: BK001-ArogyaPart2
Price: $3.00


Item Name: Bal Sanskar
Item Code: BK002-BalSan
Price: $2.00 
Item Name: Guru Bhakti Yoga
Item Code: BK003-GBK
Price: $2.00 
Item Name: Ekadasi Vrat Kathaye
Item Code: EVK003-EVK
Price: $1.00 
Item Name: Ishwar ki Aur
Item Code: BK004-IKA
Price: $2.00 
Item Name: Jivan Vikas
Item Code: BK005-JV
Price: $2.00 
Item Name: Nischint Jivan
Item Code: BK007-NJ
Price: $2.00 
Item Name: Sadhana Mein Safalta
Item Code: BK008-SMS
Price: $2.00 
Item Name: Sapta Sarita
Item Code: BK009-SS
Price: $4.00 
Item Name: Shri Guru Gita
Item Code: BK010-SGG
Price: $2.00 
Item Name: Shrimad Bhagavad Gita
Item Code: SBG010-SBG
Price: $3.00 
Item Name: Youvan Suraksha / Secret of Eternal Youth
Item Code: BK011-YS
Price: $1.00 
Item Name: Jeevan Rasayan
Item Code: BK012-JS
Price: $1.00 
Item Name: Panchamrit
Item Code: BK014-PA
Price: $5.00 
Item Name: Kalyan Nidhi (Hard Board)
Item Code: KN016-KN
Price: $10.00 
Item Name: Karm Ka Akatiya Sidhant        
Item Code: KAS16-KAS
Price: $2.00 
Item Name: Nari Tu Narayani
Item Code: NAN016-NAN
Price: $2.00 
Item Name:Jivan Saurabh
Item Code: BK015-JS
Price: $5.00 

Life and Sayings of Sri Lilashah Maharaj
Item Name: Anand Dhara Calendar (Gujrati)
Item Code: BK013-AD
Price: $3.00 
Item Name: Register 200 Pages        Item Code: R014-R
Price: $1.00 

The online store currently caters only to sadhak families living in the USA. To order products in any other country please contact your local samiti or Ashram. If you have any questions or to order by phone please call Shri Yoga Vedanta Ashram, Matawan, NJ at 732-441-9822. [email protected]

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