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Yuva Seva Sangh


Inspired By His Divine Holiness AsaramJi Bapu


Yuva Seva Sangh
True friend of Youngsters

Those who take interest in selfless service, they progress in life.
Whether materialistic advancement or spiritual growth,
Without selfless service it is not possible.
-Pujya Bapuji.



Young Friends!,

   Inspired by His Divine Holiness Asaram Ji Bapu, who enthuse with his pious words filled with the feeling of selfless service and accelerates the welfare of mankind by various divine services, a new revolution is commencing. This is an advantageous opportunity for all youngsters connected with Pujya Bapuji.

Mahatama Gandhi said-“Life without an ideal is like a boat without a helmsman”.


 Videos of Yuva Seva Sangh 


Yuva Seva Sangh Cultural Program for Youth Part 1

Yuva Seva Sangh Cultural Program for Youth Part 2


Therefore a subject for building a golden future for the youngsters is their Role model and their demeanor are their Principles which escort the youngsters to the highest life. Today in the blind race of materialism, younger generation is following ANADARSH people and are becoming irresponsible towards the society and the nation. We all are aware of the ill-effects of this. Keeping this in mind, Yuva Seva Sangh has been started.

   This Yuva Sangh will assist to understand the science and great vision of Indian Culture.  Also this will play a role of trail-blazer for the youngsters.


 The activities of this will be organized in three levels:

  • First Level: Central Yuva Sangh (Main Office)
  • Second Level: State Yuva Sangh
  • Third Level: Regional Yuva Sangh


  • To play a role of true trail-blazer and admirable friend.
  • To enhance the qualities like self control, morality, ethics, selfless service, bravery, will power and so on, in younger generation.
  • To involve the youngsters in various divine and selfless services organized by Ashram and thus contribute to the nation’s progress.
  • To make youths responsible towards family, society and the nation and trustworthy citizen.
  • After studying the dogma and principles of Indian culture, modern scientists are surprised by their scientific and rational logic. Thus to understand such a great Indian Culture and to facilitate in spreading this immense knowledge.
  • With the help of “Yuva Seva Sangh”, tread on the ultimate path of Self-Realization by doing selfless service.


  • Yuva Seva Sangh being organized by youngsters initiated By His Divine Holiness Bapuji.
  • To enhance the capability to face problems and troubles with forbearance, patience and bravery.
  • To avail the beneficial Satsang-Pravachan (spiritual wisdom) of His Divine Holiness Bapuji and other great leaders.
  • Yuva Utthan Shivir (Youths upliftment camps), Various services for the overall personality development of the youths and avail guidance for the enthusiastic youngsters.
  • To develop the hidden talent in youths with the help of “Sanskar Sabha” (Sacrament assembly/get-together).
  • Youths interested in developing their life, who are not initiated by His Divine Holiness Bapuji, they can be benefited by “Sanskar Sabha” (Sacrament assembly/get-together) and join “Regional Yuva Sangh”.

Sanskar Sabha” (Sacrament assembly /get-together): “Regional Yuva Sangh” will organize a get-together program for one to one and half hour which will be called as “Sanskar Sabha” Sacrament assembly /get-together program.

The main attractive points of this are:

  • Materialistic as well as Spiritual growth by the key guidelines provided by His Divine Holiness Bapuji.
  • To avail an opportunity to understand and ponder over the Indian Culture scientifically.
  • Debate competition, open discussion, study of epics and holy-books (Shastras) and practical knowledge for Yogasan, Pranayam, various yogic activities, health tips etc.
  • Golden opportunity to be a part of various mankind upliftment programs initiated by His Divine Holiness Bapuji.

Self-study garland- helpful for youths: Important books published by Ashram which provides the fundamental knowledge for the growth of youths are listed down. Also the collections of the pious words of His Holiness Bapuji  are presented here which enhance the consciousness and unveil the hidden talent within the youths. Collect these from Ashram or any bookstore (Satsahitya Centre) of nearby Samiti and study on daily basis.

 Satsahitya (Holy Books):
  • Divya Prerna Prakash
  • Panchamrit
  • Nirbhay Naad
  • Man ko Seekh
  • Purusharth Paramdev
  • Nashe se Savdhan
  • Jivan Vikas
  • Madhur Vyavhar
  • Daivi Sampada
  • Nishchint Jivan
  • Geeta Prasad
  • Brahmramayan
  • Shri Narayan Stuti
  • Nirogta ka Sadhan
  • Shri Yoga Vashitha Maharamayan


  • Sanyam ki Shakti
  • Yuvano ke lye
  • Apne Rakshak Aap
  • Bhakti Sanjivani
  • Diksha Kirtan


  • Saar Baatein
  • Naujawan Bharat ki Shaan
  • Bhagwat bhaav kaise badhe?


  • Vivek ka Aadar
  • Karm me Kushalta
  • Safalta ka Mantra
  • Maa Baap ko bhoolna nahin
  • Jivan Jine ki Kala
  • Tejasvi kaise bane ?
  • Mahaan kaise bane ?
  • Man ko vash kaise kare ?
  • Vyasano se Saavdhaan aur Kalpvriksha
  • Vaidik Gyan
  • Safalta ka Rahasya
  • Gita ka Gyan
  • Buddhi ka Vikas kaise karen?


  • Ekagrata aur Ansakti Yoga

“Youths ! For the benefit of the society take the “Amrit Kalash” (Nectar Bowl) of Veda in your hands and lessen the pain of people.  Good people join hands. Go ahead continuously … Go ahead … success will be yours.”           

-Brahmnishtha Sant Sri Leela Shah Ji Maharaj

“ Person  who utilizes each and every second of young-age period, never gets old.  One who wishes to be young always, is involved in the growth of the culture till death.”

-Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel

“If you make selfless service as the only bliss then on other happiness or contentment is required in your life.”

-Mahatma Gandhi

“You involve for the interests of others and then see, you will be bestowed with such powers that you will not able to handle those.  Working a little for others enhances the inner power. Thinking a bit for others, generate the lions vigor and strength in the heart.”

-Swami Vivekanand

“Need is for the reformer, not for those who transforms/ reforms others instead for those who bring changes/ reforms himself/herself.”


-Swami RamTirth 


In YSS, like BSK all youths will be united to do seva for humanity.There is lot of scope of seva by YSS, an introduction about this will be soon published as book by ashram.Interested sadhaks can know more information on this by contacting their nearest Samiti.



   Also, from now onwards a separate stall on YSS will be arranged in every Pujya Bapuji's program, where youths can register, and be part of YSS. Please join YSS & create awareness about this YSS in your locality for Guruseva




'Yuva Seva Sangh Department' 
Akhil Bhartiya Shri Yoga Vedant Seva Samiti, 
Sant Shri Asaramji Ashram, Amdavad-5. 
Phone:(079) 27505010-11. 
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